Thursday, November 30, 2006

indonesian food : Gamelan

Finally I had a chance to visit one of those
real Indonesian food cafe done by real Indonesians!

Known as the "Gamelan" which I have no idea how it's
pronounced, presumably -Ga- -Ma- -Lan-;
But I'll stick with "Game" - "Local Area Network" for now until
some indonesian readers beat the crap out of me.

It had a very calming atmosphere, built with the
concept of 'nature'; you could see it all - wood,
green leaves, gentle orange lights, heck,
they even had wooden poles that look like tree branches!

Just beside where I sat.

I tried connecting my vine to its bamboo shoots
but to no avail; it wasn't giving me any sign
of pulse. Sob, sob.

There was an angle I SO wanted to take but
it kept being messed up. What's up with that
light, divine intervention!?

Woo I must've been yabbering too much about its
atmosphere, so what about the food?!

If someone tells you not to judge a book by
its cover, well let me tell you one thing -
it cannot be applied to rice!

This sharp looking rice is so full of it
you'd start wondering how jammed they felt next to each other.
Suffice to say I couldn't finish them - AT ALL.

I can't remember the name for this one.
".. .. .. " was all I remember. Roughly translated -
butter squids :P

nice, soft texture, a little salty at the end.

Finally, "Gado-Gado" is composed of
tofu, emping (like keropok), vegetables - all
topped with *BEEP* sauce.

huh? All topped with *BEEP*, *BEEP* sauce.


what happened?! I can't seem to say the word??!

okay let me try one more time in a slower motion...

allllllllll-----toooooopped---withhhh *Be*--- *PEANUT* ----*ep* --- sauuuce.


With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

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Selba said...


it looks a nice restaurant!

Gado-gado??? HAHAHA...

Should not eat your own relative lah.... :D

Pink Cotton said...

better check your family tree to see which one of ur relative's inside the peanut sauce...

may the peanut be with you...

Winn said...

send some over to KL pls.

i'll pick up at KLIA::) hhaha

zeroimpact said...

This place you're recommending or you are condemning

Chen said...

wat are those light yellow coloured thingy on top of the gado-gado?
Looks like eggs..

Mr. Goober said...

yes selba, it was because of your
blog that we ordered that stuff :))
So is this what you wanted to tell
us??? "Mixed" feelings?

b-but b-hooo hooo hooo pinkcotton~!
hooo booo hoo hoo hoo hoo!!!

sure or not winn!? maybe i'll send you
bottled *BEEP* sauce, but the rest
you get at market ;P

well zeroimpact..i don't usually
recommend any place i go to, i just
enjoy commenting :P of far
is good + bad, i'm blur too!

i'd wish chen, if they'd put egg
it would've tasted better, but it
tasted very bland. It's junk food.
keropok there ;P

Selba said...

yup, exactly.. the mixed feeling is like gado2, hehehe

chen: no, that emping.. pink cotton blogged about it once in her blog about the bitter chips.

mr.goober: aiyooo... not junk food leh, kekeke...

Chen said...

That's emping? okie. Yeah.. i remembered pink cotton blogging about the bitter chips few months back :)

Selba, emping always reminds me of corn flakes. cos the other names for corn flakes is emping jagung :D

Redsponge said...

*knock knock*

Thumpetty thump thump,
thumpety thump thump,
Look at Frosty go.
Thumpetty thump thump,
thumpety thump thump,
Over the hills of snow.

*uhuk uhuk* tiring!!! ;p

Redsponge said...

woo u order gado gado at gamelan ah! yayaya i like the keropok oopss emping on top of the gado gado!

heee i will go back again!! ;p

Mr. Goober said...


my bad, - selba, it sure looks like
keropok~ :P but i don't quite
like 'emping' since theres no
smell in it!

so chen, are you going to mix
it with milk in the morning ? :)

wowowowowow redsponge!!!
*claps* is that part of the
cottonish sponge event!??
*throws* confetti~!

well redponsge, if what wayne
said is true, then maybe your last
visit had a different cook boh..
and so is mine from urs..
and so is others from mines.. :P

Chen said...

eating emping jagung tomolo morning :D campur susu lembu...

Selba said...

chen: LOL.. oh.. so "emping" word is a common word already in M'sia?

Well, it looks pretty similiar like corn flakes though but a little bit "giant" size to compare with the real corn flakes :)

redsponge: hehehe... but next time, no more gado2 rite? ;)

Selba said...

mr.goober: huh? you need a smell for food? kekeke... Oh.... put peanut butter and balacan, then must be nice to eat emping, hahaha

Mr. Goober said...

so did you try out what u said chen!? hahahaha

yaya selba..cohesiveness of smell and taste is very important to my taste buds :)~~~~~~~~ so food has to be "balance" in both to pass my quality control..LOL

_butt said...

the rice looked so cute!!! reminds me of one of RO's character.. (duno wut it's called though)

Mr. Goober said...

_butt, poporing!!

i used to love smashing them to jelly bits.. :P~~~

_butt said...

ahh.. yes!! that cute popo-wuteva-ring!! I'd always want to get that in pillow for my car.. lol

yerrr.. evil peanut!!

Mr. Goober said...

ohhh :) i got it...i gave it away to

it came with a ragarok cd in malay..but good thing the doll didn't look like one ;)