Saturday, November 11, 2006

Goober Secrets : The Color Code 6 Tag

I was assigned a mission.

A mission to save the world for all goobermanity
A deeply treasured friendship gone bad;
as the mask of eternity slipped;

...prompting Rivalry with only three acts;

The Pledge.
The Turn.
Coming soon to the nearest cinema near you.
(kampungs not included)

These highly secretive gadgets have been selected to proceed in the mission.

Codename : Gooberang
Strength : Strong
Weight : Light

Usage : Takes bearer out of boredom when idle. Serves also as a boomerang for noisy targets.

Requires : Batteries. Real, batteries.

Codename : Smoking Jungle Bears
Strength : Weird
Weight : Ultra light, like tissues

Usage : Ejects smokes when ripped apart, causing enemy feeling the need for tissues.

Requires : Smoke in tissue packs.

Note : 10 packs of smoking jungle bears from 1997's smoke bank still exist.

Codename : Glow 'O Cloak
Strength : Weak
Weight : Light

Usage : It glows vividly and sings "Please get rid of me tomorrow" each day when sitting near it.

Requires : Laziness to get rid of something attitude.

Codename : The Green Leopard
Strength : Cheap plastic
Weight : Light

Usage : Opens a portal for Mr. Goober and his friends to alter the blogging community. Serves also as a balloon popper.

Requires : An artist with two nuts or balloons.

Codename : Scenic Brush
Strength : Unbreakable
Weight : Portable

Usage : Gives bearer the ability to present a sweet smile. When left behind, a scenic aura of beauty would appear.

..especially when near Kleenex's tissue box.

Requires : A Kleenex's tissue box and some tooths.

Codename : The CEO
Strength : Rubbery
Weight : Throwable

Usage : Throwing The CEO on any wall and ceilings will emit a large "SPLAT" sound, causing enemy to faint in horror, however releases extra joy to thrower.

Requires : A frustrated employee. Daily rinsing.

Note : Always gets itself into sticky situation. Avoid it at all cost.

Briefing completed.

This pod post will self destruct in 60 seconds.

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

15 buzzes!:

Chen said...

reading this making me more confused..... I need a break !!! I want to eat more kacang :D

zeroimpact said...


Kenny Ng said...

wow... so green! incredible hulk coming!!!

Selba said...

eeehhh.. how come mr. goober's gadgets colour is green??? shouldn't it be brown??? :P

euuuwwww.. the CEO is kinda yuckiiieeeee... kekeke :D

Mr. Goober said...

hah chen?? confused???? this is your colour tag!! :P

..and gives zeroimpact the awakening pills so he'll stay healthly.

wow, i haven't watched any incredible hulk for a long long time kenny.

hehehe selba, well, seeing that all of those gadgets are around my table, and it's the only color that has more than 6 objects, why not??

The CEO is still in the plastic..for 3 whooping years now!

Pinky_piglet said...

really faint ar...this light green colour...painful o my eyes...

Mr. Goober said...

i thought green is i highlight the color :P

Chen said...

but come to think of it, luckily u didnt post up the Peanuts with Aflatoxin (aspergillus infested peanuts) which is green in colour too !!!!!!!!


Redsponge said...


you have forgotten the froggie

Mr. Goober said...

eeek chen, violent stuffs i never put up ;) especially if it's something to do with peanuts

u sure have lots of frogs redsponge! you like absorbing them ? hehehehe

_butt said...


The CEO looks cute.. though never seen cicak in lime green before :P

Wait.. izit a croc or cicak? *confused*

Wayne said...

what the heck are you describing about? *confused* I see only rubbers! (most of them).

Mr. Goober said...

yes you're confused butt!! the ceo is actually my company's boss. JK~!!!! (im innocent) it's a croc lah :P , a sticky croc!

just some fantasy jokes lah wayne :P i've got nothing better to do.

Winn said...

whr got self destruct? lieeee!!!

peanut canot lie ok. will turn into tungku!!

Mr. Goober said...

oh yes winn, it's ticking..ticking!! ....just that it'll take a while to explode ;)