Friday, November 03, 2006

sneaker news, mamamiya!

Sneakers, the greatest footgear for protecting
our fragile feet. Worn both as part of a formal
and casual attire, these friends are something one cannot live without.

As Nikey says, "Just do it. Pay the bills."

* ** *zzz * * * *zzzzzzpt * ** * * **


" We interrupt this program abruptly as there is

currently a major epidemic spreading across Asia region! "

"Sneakers are being chewed at such a fast
rate no one know what in the world is happening!"

"...sure I've heard of rats enjoying rubbers recycled in Singapore after being used by Thailand, but this!? I mean, zOMG!!"

"Absolutely no mercy is shown. They
came from within, and violently ripped our favourite sneakers apart." - Mr. Potato

"It is one of the most terrifying experience I've ever had. He took my sneakers, and furiously tore it into pieces like a demented soul!" - Mr. Pringles

"He chew, and he chomped! I stood there helpless....hey if this is 911 tuning in; HELPPPPPPPPPP~~~~!!!" - Mrs. Need-Help

"God, they even had the whole scene photoshopped!"

"What exactly is happening?! What madness is this all about??"

"Why, latest evidence seems to be pointing towards :"


"This seems to be a rare disorder plagued
by undocumented levels of hunger,
and is reported to affect only children below the
age of 2."


" A disease that prevents children's ability
to differentiate edible and non-edible objects
when placed near a sneaker."

"Babies will turn green within seconds,
and is said to loose resistance against
chewing more sneakers."

"This is just one of them."

"Chomped sneakers and ripped footgears,

" Just exactly what is the cause behind all these madness?!"

" Scientist seems to have found the link that leads
back to the origin of the problem. "

see how important is school now?

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

18 buzzes!:

Pink Cotton said...


but how come babies can read the motto on the snickers bar le?


eee how come mr potato and mr pringles kena but mr planters aka peanut din kena?hmmm ...

Chen said...

I think I'm pretty confused :P
Time to go zzzzzz?
but i think i gonna take a bite on snickers before tidor..

oops.. cannot..
sakit gigi, cannot eat junk food :P

zeroimpact said...

I don't think the chocolate people will like this

Red Sponge said...


the babies are so kelian...

i mean kenak photoshopped by u until so scary :(

Wayne said...

the deng RATS!

My office now so many rats!
Everyday got rats!
Big ones
Small ones

BITE Plastic Covers...
Printer Toner!
They can run tru the tunnel from one end to another wall. How? Tunneling skills!

Man My office aunty everyday keeps cleaning the desk for RAT's left overs / shit. Gross! Although there are cages, but they won't be so silly to trap themself, instead they go rubber! Unless those rats are the small ones.

Looking @ the hole....
I think Jerome needs a new pair of shoes before his friends laugh at him! LOL!

Mr. Goober said...

pinkcotton, know how babies are, everything also wanna look, read and taste :P

mr planters already concealed inside his cage, he no longers walk around the park after being caught, remember?!

okay chen, u wan mine? i actually shot those photos 1 months+ ago..and the post was supposed to be up at that time. Snickers still there though ;P

it's okay zeroimpact..i've already asked charlie and his chocolate factory for permission. ^_^

LOl redsponge..i got too tired trying to figure out how to photoshop those cin cai put green all over and say they're sick!

woof wayne, your office seems to have a "Rat Alert"! perhaps u can try putting fleets of cats..that'll solve da problemo.

_butt said...

I hope this lil' dude here -->
is safe from being 'infected green' and start to chew on my sneakers.. LOL

Sneakers snickers.. loved them both!!!

Mr. Goober said...

lol butt, you're right!! i didn't notice that :)) do you want me to paint her green and put it inside my post? nyahahaha ;)

p/s: my snickers still here,wanna chomp on it?

Winn said...

green babies !!
think they are having constipation...

Mr. Goober said...

well winn..if babies DO munch on sneakers...sure constipate :P

Chen said...

Can I plead not to paint butt's profile pict green? Kkakakka.. cos she looks too cute to be painted green !

Mr. Goober said...

shall i take your your lion and give it some nice green effects then chen? hehehehe

Chen said...

The green lion?
u will made my lively lion looks like sick lion instead :P

_butt said...

noooooo.. *horror* not my baby!! umm.. feel free to do the makeover favour for the *ahem* lion though, it's been a while.. kekekeke.. chen help me but I'm so evil.. muahahaha

p/s: your snickers left there so long still can eat ah? :P

Mr. Goober said...

alien lion more like it chen :P i'll freak out at the sight of green lions walking around in the zoo.

nyahahaha butts, like that, dr chen no longer wants to give u free doctor service in the future loo..

and YEAH..the sneakers got eaten already :P since the post reminded me of how aged it has become.

Selba said...

euwwwwwww... green babies!!! they really look horrible!!!

sneakers... snickers.... kekekeke :)

_butt said...

LOL!! Shhh.. don't tell.. *whispering* what Dr Chen doesn't know might not hurt her.. :P

Mr. Goober said...

selba, whoops dind't read the comments. Yah..but i don't really like to eat snickers anyways..rather eat chocolate ice creams.

yah butt..luckily she's not reading it anymore..AHAHAHAHAHA!!