Sunday, December 03, 2006

sands falling~~ The Game!

Just a little quick one.
I saw this cool applet that oughtta be shared;

ladies and gentlemen,
sand art meets technology ---

The Falling Sand 'Game'

(click on the picture to play it)

Now you finally don't have to worry about being dirty ;)

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

13 buzzes!:

Pink Cotton said...

hehehe the little peopl down there seem to be worshipping you lah...

Selba said...

no dirty? where's the fun? hehehe... :D

_butt said...

cool stuff!!!! :D even the artistically-challenged person like me can play.. yay!!! LOL

Chen said...

this is fun...
let me think-think wat to sketch :D

Mr. Goober said...

hehehe pinkcotton, issit?! i didn't notice.
that was just a few seconds doodle, mr.goober
even looked like a green pea.

selba, you like playing dirty?? *lol*
didja try it?? i love its sand effects

so what did you do with it butt??
drawn anything or threw anyone of those
stickman inside?

chen, ya can also try to burn the poor
people in's soooo cute and so responsive!

_butt said...

set the stickmen on fire!! muaaahaha

Redsponge said...

muuuu i dun understand the game.

Mr. Goober said...

woohoo butt, now you finally know where to release all those pile of stresses you're having~ just don't practice on real people...*lol*

lol redsponge, no need understand, just click click and have fun :) i don't even know if its a game or not

Kenny Ng said...

I play real sand wor...

zeroimact said...

Time killer?

Mr. Goober said...

then those sand art shops still have hope lo kenny. ;p

ya zero..i got hooked for a while when i tried it

Winn said...

this is fun. i spend so much time playing it. hahaha

it's cool. i like to burn the little peoples there..
it's so fun to use the oil sprout wall water all the 'weapons'..

it's jus a game of nothing hor? got score one ar? i was jus playing it blindly..aha/. thx for sharingggggggggg kacang!!

Mr. Goober said...

hahaha winn, cool cool.

i wonder why almost everyone, including Me The Kacang, loves to burn those little haven't-been-eating-for-years stick mens.

It's just some fun thing ti play with, no scores that i know of :P fun to kill time..suprisingly addicitive!