Thursday, November 23, 2006

was ist dis??

life's getting a little bit boring these days,
every now and then, you'd feel as if the world's just repeating itself
all over again as it spins.

Oh well, since I'm bored, I'd decided to fill in the wholeness of
boredom by making boring more boring..YAWWWwwn.

See, These days I'd been sticking near my desk, riddling on this!

Yeah I've been staring at this strange metal object for days now in my office and I STILL CAN"T make a comprehensive conclusion about its existence. What in the world is it?????

15 buzzes!:

Wayne said...

Uhm yea nowaday is kinda suck.
BORED! SienzZzzzzzz..
I MISS MY BED and fwenz....

I bet the thing looks more like a 007 global spying device! haha! or something like a notch for your long sleeve.

Chen said...

mmm... i dunno wat issit but at least I know that metal thing is not edible.. :D

topie said...

its a nut cracker!!! its coming for u Goober!!!! save ur pea-nut1!! RUNRUNRUN!!!!!

_butt said...

missing any nut bolt?

Pink Cotton said...


get it away from me!!!!


HMMM it looks like a bullet :P

babyPup said...

aah.. so THAT'S where my chewtoy went

Selba said...

Hmmm... Ich weiss nicht was das ist.

Maybe try to bring to CSI, they might figure it out, LOL

papercrazy said...'s a stopper/holder for the shelves in your cabinet lah....u ever notice the little little holes at the side of the cabinet where u can adjust the height of each shelves? That's the purpose lorr..

Poke the thing into the hole of your desired height and place the piece of plywood on top of it.... U need at least 2 to hold them, ok??

Better return this piece to the rightful owner?? How to detect, just look for a slanting shelves!!!

zeroimpact said...

papercrazy is right
I don't know the name but I know what it's use for
Boring eh... I think me too

Mr. Goober said...

wayne, come back to kch lah we can finally play
counterstrike again. What notch??
if thats part of my shirt i wouldn't wanna
wear it ;)

why chen, you termakan something like
this before???????? wahahaha

bwhahaha um..dang i can't see your name,
nor can i see your wordings, gotta
go to a place with browser that supports

*stretches, and jumps around -
nope butt, no squeeky sound, all
parts intact, including nuts inside.

you mean pinkcotton, there was an assasination
attemp at me!??! helppp!

ok babypup, here, there you go :) stuck
it in between the ass and you'll feel
instant joy!

Mr. Goober said...

lol selba, perhaps perhaps.
maybe they'd do a new series
base on "The Mysterious Metal Bolts".

papercrazy, now you're making it
even more mysterious..see, my office
don't have any shelves!
And I guess I should start looking at any slanting
colleagues perhaps? *whoah* they'd better not find out!

Yea zero, yawn. I scored bigtime on boredom recently.

Winn said...

i think my dog can help...

Mystique said...

goober: remember that shelve that fell above jesse's old place? maybe it was from that side of the room?

Mr. Goober said...

winn, later he use it as a toothprick..

lol mystique, no nono..that one that fell from that place is plastic, this is metal :P

Mystique said...

:o we use plastic to hold wood? ... no wonder it fell :P

try shake your head and see if you hear any loose gears