Monday, January 29, 2007

The 5 Memorable..Oh, First Time

Wahaha, here is another one of those posts caused by a tag from none other than Ah Boy the cute little sausage without buns!

In today's challenge..I'm suppose to list down 5 memorable First Time events so here we go;

1. When I got my first PC - (yawn to girls) but was a snazzy 286 pc with only 16 colors and *gasp* - blazing hot speed of 10Mhz processor!! I didn't know how to use it at first..for a year I only managed to boot the comp, press number 9 or 10 for the games, and directly switch off the power once done! I was a console gamer ma ;)

2. When I first stepped into secondary school, first time wearing long pants, my uniform. I still remember that day, it was drizzling with rain, with me slowly walking into the corridor..first person I met? My crush from primary school! Oh shy me, I think I blushed like a carpet that day.

3. When I won "Best Conductor Award" during my heydays in secondary school. That was it, sitting inside the whole crowd of choral speaking competitors, suddenly hearing my name was one of the greatest moment! I couldn't believe it..sob sob!! Till this day it's still somewhere around my room ;)

4. When I met up with all my primary school mates ..5 years after graduation, I was in form 4. That was the sweetest moment, imagine everyone so different after those silly years..of coz I'm talking about how beautiful the girls have become, and how keng the guys have changed into..whew, and to have found my best bud I've lost since the day I left primary school! Ah...I wish I had a handphone at that time so we all could keep in touch still.

5. And finally.....when I received my first salary! When people were still young they used to see their parents go poking out monies from those robotic atm machines that seemed to yak until you pull their tongue out. Now, you'll have a totally different feel when it's from you yourself..... for those who can't wait to feel it right this instance, smash your filthy little piggy bank and rob her off her cutesy face!! MUAHAhahahahaa!!

i'm tagging butt!!
and also, fatty poh's kopi tiam is now under the curse of this tag!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The 27th January

Last night, I had a very weird dream!

Can you actually believe this?!

In the dream, I was one goddamn human!
Doing some sort of programming job, whacking those
silly little keys each day for almost 3 years like
a mad man.

I had my up..

..and downs.

It was both a joyous and disastrous ride.

....until finally, I decided to move on with life.

I now leave behind a great team of people.

..and it shall be cherished, always.

*poof* I woke up after that and found myself still,
a silly little peanut~!

What was that dream all about?!

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

FIVE things you didnt know

wooo here we go, a tag from _butt~!

1. I don't really fancy munching peanuts ;)

2. I kept changing my fresh posts, especially the first 2 days. Dynamic blog mah!

3. I used to be able to read chinese characters, until i stopped installing chinese plugin extensions for my web browser. Gotcha!

4. I used to be able to read japanese characters, until i stopped installing....oops!!

5. I have very weird dreams, like, VERY. Wanna have a look? then try DreamWeb : Stories of the Loom.

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Cough Cough Double Cough

...It gets on my nerve everytime I hear it. It really does.

I've been coughing for like, man, like, y'know, like, almost a month now and so, y'know, there must be something really wrong.

See, I was like, y'know, ate these crazy pills thinking they're godsend mannas;

It all started with "Let there be flu!",
and true enough, an ever flowing river of mucus came flushing down.

on the 2nd day, "Let there be atoms!",
and lo and behold, Einstein's theory became part of my medicine.
..oh, they made me fart effectively, with stereo sound.

Chicken Kit Pills from Aunty Teck
also made its appearance
during the Creation Of Ultimate Sickness. TM

..and vice versa. *

* tissue pack represents all other miscellaneous
medicine which the author has forgotten.

So what did all these do?! THEY BLOODY GAVE ME MORE COUGH!!! (minus pizzas, junk foods, soft drinks, crazy ice cream sessions)

So before I really get this

I quickly went to see another doc.

..and finally realised I was given wrong prescriptions
all the while.

Without hesitation, he handed me this.

NOW THAT's what I call a real doctor!

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Live Journal

Well it's been one helluva long time since I last blogged so I've decided to do it naturally..

A LIVE JOURNAL for 15th January today! So i'll be updating it bits by bits until 12am midnite today..and you can finally see what in the world do I do for a living.

(The Introduction)
9:05am : I reached my office damn late, as usual. I love being late, it makes me feel more relaxed. I mean hey, the logbook is there waiting for me.."yooo, sign me please. Office starts at 8.30 you dweeb!" but I've decided to ignore it for a while.

(The 9.30 Toilet)
9.30am : Yoohoo it's time for my daily 9.30am toilet routine. What do I actually do in there? Some predicting usual bakery business, while others claiming me insanely calculating toilet papers, or go even as far as washing the toilet. Many theories came and go, but none were correct. The truth is..concealed within the toilet!

(The Surprise Attack)
10.00am : ZomG!!! My colleague planted a bomb right beside me!! It's "TARGET" - a roach killer gadget stolen from the shop..after paying money of course. I hope I won't get stuck in between and get a cracked nut case later on.

(The Solved Solutions)
11.40am : After spending the whole morning pulling out my brains, yabbering and yakking with my colleague knowingly I have no multitasking skills, I FINALLY FIGURED OUT how to solve bug 20157! Read the functional specs next time! Oh's's not wonder.

INTERLUDE : What's exactly my job? Why, Plucking grapes in the vineyard of course! Translated - I'm some crazy peanut looking at fuzzy monitors, plucking out codes and whack 'em silly till the program works. Does that sound more un-goober-yii now?

(The Necessity)
2.00pm : Lunch ended. Out of the random picks of the day, chicken rice was chosen as part of today's live journal. I repeat, chicken rice. What? no it's not gonna be "well I needed them cause I had to fly to work" kinda stuff but it so happens that a stall just opened recently, and I've just got to try it. No reviews, cause it sucks.

(The Mysterious Message)
3.45pm : A premonition!? my left eyelid was trembling for almost 5 minutes. I'm getting the message..I'm..I-I'm..I'm gonna be pregnant. Luckily I didn't stare at any girls, they'd think I'm winking like some sorta whore, with bunch of saliva coming down.

(The Cell Of Death)
5.00pm : "Ja~! Sì~! Yah!! YES!!! 5 PEE EM!! *microsoft windows shut down chimes*~!!!" and shutter doors ke-ke-ring in a slamming action! *BUT* We're still here working, slavering away in a locked room, with electronic wires poking right into our space helmets, locked in eternity.

(The Life Of Unclassified)
6.05pm : By now we could only hear chromosome XPX typing away after those normal XX and XY left. We're mutants, with the ability to work under "crunch mode", always surviving through bad times. We're often deserted, thrown inside a dark room; given only dried crackers to chew on, all inside Jacob branded tins - with the exception, the crackers inside are actually unbranded from another pack.

(The Ray Of Hope)
6.38pm : "Brothers and sisters! The hour has come to riot!"; we roared as freedom fighters and quickly shoved ourselves near to the exit - and suddenly, "HEy dweeb, you forgot to sign me, the log book!" ... uh, needless to say, the log book finally got what he wanted. A SCRATCH OF MY NAME!

(The Uncertain Moment)
8.45pm :
Now now..a nice warm bath and what's next?! Usually I'd had to connect my computer to my office, and begin slavery once more but today - YES TODAY, there shall be no more! So should I start writing stories on DreamWeb since it looks abandoned?! Or should I just enjoy myself with archie comic books..or go button mashing with my gameboy micro which I've forgotten to blog about many eons ago?

(The Last Revival)
11.35pm : Oops I did it again! After gulping down a book of archie comic I decided to give myself a short 5 minutes nap and...yeap, I just woke up abruptly, blurly visions of dancing peanuts right infront of my eyes. Well I should be given some credits, back in the college days I would've woke up only in the morning, only to find out myself still in my jeans!

At least it makes me very easy to say this...
And this concludes Mr.Goober's live journal for 15th of January, 2007!

Hey, oh no..what's that?! I'm seeing 3 lightbulbs floating around in the skies!! It's...IT'S THEM!


"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

late start of new year 2007

Ushering in a brand new year;

We'd come to expect those days of door-slamming cars are numbered,
living in an artificial city full of hovering vehicles, with a gigantic Mahathir
stretching his right arm across the skies with a sign board going
- vision 2020, another year shorter.

and then..when that day finally comes, you'd start hearing excuses like, "Oh, an earthquake hit Taiwan in year 2006 Dec, dampening the hope of a high speed broadband. So we only really started internet in year 2020. Like um, 9.68kbps anyone?"

What? Don't tell me I have to blog like this
just to save bandwidth !?

Hee hee, well before I start forgetting,

Wishings of a blessed new year to you,
you and you!

..oh, and you didn't know there're three of you inside?

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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