Friday, December 28, 2007

A Pig's Life


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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas, over?!

Apparently, I seem to have missed Christmas this year!

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Harry Potter : 6 Fun ways to kill Voldemort

It really beats me why J.K Rowling had to come up with
so many dramatic ideas just to get Voldemort's ass whooped.

I'll pick the top 6 spells Harry should've used :

..yeah well but Voldemort didn't turn into a chicken did he?





1. And the easiest and most suitable spell : isn't that easier?!

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Aberdeen Adventures

..And before I'm required to start each of my posts with "missing in blogosphere because..", It's high time we revisit the very old to-be-continued post of....

Hey waitaminute, who changed my title screen!?

(after some rummaging behind the blogspot)

..Ah, yes yes..this is the one.
Ladies and Gentlement!

Welcome To...

Pretty need title huh? Well I figured it out all by myself. Oh yeah I did. Yeap.

Ya, uh huh., really. I did. *snort*

Okay before I go all out to become a complete lamer....let's have a little walk through my days in Aberdeen wwaaaaaayyy back in April.

My journey started off during one of the better seasons in Aberdeen.

Yes, spring time! At that time the trees just started blooming, little rascals popping up like pimples....ah, I can still smell the fresh cold air breezing unto my pod.

Infact, though it was spring, reported it around 12 degrees. I instantly caught flu right after stepping out from the airport! Nothing too hard to explain, imagine living in an air-conditioned outdoor, a 12 degrees outdoor that is!

I can't imagine what'll be like if I arrived during winter - this!?

-Goober's Sculpture has arrived!-

Aberdeen's a beautiful part of Scottland. I'll spare you the geographical details here, but I could sum this place up with just two colors : Green and Grey.

Really, lush green grasses - so soothing to the eyes it made me want to plant myself back into its soils.

They have a very different architecture....Victorian, ala castle-style construction with grey granites - Everywhere!

This was one of the buildings I kept passing through, it's an Anglican church.

A little dark this one, but still looks good no?

Some more churches..

And did I mention how beautiful their skies are? It's very uncommon for them to have cloudy days.

This one looks pretty old, and it always had moisture on its surface each morning.

..used to be a church I was told, but now..a pub. In fact, most of the
churches in Aberdeen were converted either to a library or pub..y'know, just so life still goes on in those iced granites.

Train tracks that are still used even till today..

I did manage to try the most expensive KFC for a Malaysian, thought they'd at least had a bigger chunk of meat but..

Looks puny too, and more disappointedly - less tasty! There goes my 50 bucks.

However..It was great munching on their fish fillet,

They really do have a large portion of juicy fish meat wrapped inside its thin crispy skins. Not to mention its crazy amount of fries that comes with it! I just couldn't finish it, too much for a small nut with two peanuts.

This is actually, "Leek", not "Leak" - if I'd be photoshopping it again it'll take another month for me to post this up. But it's good, its leek tastes like potatoes, soft texture, with its generous amount of shredded chicken. Gorgeous British food.

Another one of Aberdeen's specialty; "Dual Winged Cabbage Freak", despite its freaky name and unattractive looks, it's served with sweet glutinous rice and two charmed pieces of fried marinated chicken wings, topped with mixed vegetables of your choice. Okay I made that up.

Ok, food - stop!

There were just a handful shopping malls within walking distance, and I just realised I didn't take much pictures of it. In fact, just one presentable picture :

Bon Accord's the name. With just one stretch of path between two sides filled with shops, it is a very peculiar design. It's just opposite to St.Nicholas's mall, a full swing mall.

Well you can get bunch of chocolates, toys, clothes, gadgets..wooo! Good thing I kept thinking about multiplication of 7 right next to those innocent-looking price tags!

But truth to be told, there really wasn't much to buy from Aberdeen. Either it tries too hard to empty my wallet, or we already have what they're sellin' for a freakin' 7 times less expensive price.

Just giving you a little feel of what's it like walking down the streets..that's what I did everyday in Aberdeen, managed to cut down 3kg in one month yo!

Some kinda sakura tree down the road, funny thing is that they even coated their pebbles in front of their yard pink!

At first I really felt like I was in the movies, Asians were a major minority in Aberdeen. Even they looked a little different. Everything was different, weather, lifestyle, entertainment, living standard. Pure cultural difference.

But at the end, I'll remember Aberdeen as a city of great colors, and a memorable experience living a life of what we always see from pirated DVDs.

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Aberdeen Adventures : Introduction

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Till then...

Well...that's it everyone.

I'm going to do some time-traveling.

See you all again a month later~

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Red Spot District

"You're facing Anaphylaxis." said the doctor.

"Anafer wha???"; my mouth left dangling wide open in the air when I heard that.

"Anaphylaxis, try using that word in Yahoo."

"It's allergy." smirked the freaking doc who couldn't bother using layman's term for dumbasses like me.

----- But i've never had an allergic attack in my whole goobering life!

This really baffles me. It's been 3 days since it last happened, I started getting red spots all over; "mosquitoes bites" I thought smartly, worrying no more.

Then the next day, more reddish spots came up, and I thought hey, "stupid mosquitoes, so you've got friends now? Drink till ya'll kaboomb!"

Today? ZOOMEd right into doc's cozy place and got myself an injection! I certainly wouldn't wanna get killed by allergies, no sirree!

But I kept thinking, *with fingers holding chin*, Who are my prime suspects?

Was it...

... a horde of these flying insects mercilessly sucking out blood from my poles?!

....or perhaps it's those lifeless prawns with salads I've eaten on thursday?

and maybe its that new jean I bought
a month ago that's been acting up?!
NOPE! I do wash them frequently leh.

or blemish control facial crap I started using
since Friday?!

I also did suspect this..

The small but deadly dust-mites hidden under our favourite
beds, blankets and pillows.

Gee, I even wondered if it was the blanket itself.

(Poor fella, must've been an Anaphylaxis attack)

Beats me..I can spend my whole night thinking
about it -but- one thing's for certain..

..I'm just glad these aren't the ones causing it!

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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Monday, February 26, 2007

life goes on, in silent winds

I remember those timeless moments when I used to drive my grand pa and grand ma mad, and got myself whacked for being such a silly little child.

I used to think it was hatred, and tried to be more rebellious the more they wanted to stop me.

Then as the years yonder by, I stopped for a moment to ponder on every instances that ever happened between us. Good and bad times. It was always very easy for me to talk, and feel them, for many, many years.

... until my grand ma passed away, 2 years ago.

Life can never be the same again.

I never really had a chance to repay all the things that she've done for me, and all the hardship she had to go through.

I guess it was even more damaging to my grand pa, having lost someone who went through together all those years of courtship, marriage and parenthood.

Constantly fighting to see all his children and grand children, for every little while longer.

.. but he too, has left us.

These days, occasionally visiting my grand pa's house brings back those cheerful memories, though it seemed blank now without them. Every corner of the house I would see images of the past, constantly playing in the background.

But if a piece of a picture is gone, you're left only with your imagination to depend on.

I yearn for those happy moments of our lives, when we didn't had to worry what will happen tomorrow.

Like the very flowers that bloom to perfection, they too must wither one day, and become part of the soil, giving life to new ones.

I guess life goes on..

....but maybe, just maybe, we'll all meet again someday.

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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