Thursday, November 30, 2006

indonesian food : Gamelan

Finally I had a chance to visit one of those
real Indonesian food cafe done by real Indonesians!

Known as the "Gamelan" which I have no idea how it's
pronounced, presumably -Ga- -Ma- -Lan-;
But I'll stick with "Game" - "Local Area Network" for now until
some indonesian readers beat the crap out of me.

It had a very calming atmosphere, built with the
concept of 'nature'; you could see it all - wood,
green leaves, gentle orange lights, heck,
they even had wooden poles that look like tree branches!

Just beside where I sat.

I tried connecting my vine to its bamboo shoots
but to no avail; it wasn't giving me any sign
of pulse. Sob, sob.

There was an angle I SO wanted to take but
it kept being messed up. What's up with that
light, divine intervention!?

Woo I must've been yabbering too much about its
atmosphere, so what about the food?!

If someone tells you not to judge a book by
its cover, well let me tell you one thing -
it cannot be applied to rice!

This sharp looking rice is so full of it
you'd start wondering how jammed they felt next to each other.
Suffice to say I couldn't finish them - AT ALL.

I can't remember the name for this one.
".. .. .. " was all I remember. Roughly translated -
butter squids :P

nice, soft texture, a little salty at the end.

Finally, "Gado-Gado" is composed of
tofu, emping (like keropok), vegetables - all
topped with *BEEP* sauce.

huh? All topped with *BEEP*, *BEEP* sauce.


what happened?! I can't seem to say the word??!

okay let me try one more time in a slower motion...

allllllllll-----toooooopped---withhhh *Be*--- *PEANUT* ----*ep* --- sauuuce.


With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

Monday, November 27, 2006

The coming of joyful season~

It's almost that time of the year again;
The season of snow, showering gentle dots
sweetly resting unto us.

It's my favourite season of the year, but too bad there ain't gonna
be snows falling down here anytime sooner.

Last time I checked, the best you could get in Malaysia are sharp
blades of rain poking and SLASHING people up, leaving a puddle of
blood and GORE..oh, OHHHH..

.....well okay, just some iced rain people would use for their ice kacang..yeahhh maybe.

So, went a little walking in the toys shop and got myself surprised with boxes of - "Call of Duty"

Incase you didn't know, it's a pc game where u carry guns around like a retarded soldier and whack the hell outta those polygon characters.

Below that poor dude lies a remote control, yeah, for the first time ever you get to control humanoids with just two AA batteries! (does this beat paying more than 20k for a marriage!? *lol*)

Needless to say, there were quite authentic, in a plasticky kinda way.

Warning : Nerdy Computer Joke below.

Don't know what's a 3D card? mail with subject "HELP! Need to know 3D!"

Just as I was about to leave, I overheard one of them talking :

.. NOW I finally remembered why I gave up on toys!

Well, I'm so looking forward to christmas;

and you ?

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

Thursday, November 23, 2006

was ist dis??

life's getting a little bit boring these days,
every now and then, you'd feel as if the world's just repeating itself
all over again as it spins.

Oh well, since I'm bored, I'd decided to fill in the wholeness of
boredom by making boring more boring..YAWWWwwn.

See, These days I'd been sticking near my desk, riddling on this!

Yeah I've been staring at this strange metal object for days now in my office and I STILL CAN"T make a comprehensive conclusion about its existence. What in the world is it?????

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Musical Night

A young night of classical sonata,

Within a great palace of orchestra.

This is what I want to show you tonight,

the deep meaning of poems and stories

that were written to be part of the legends.

A legend of wordless chronicle,

told only in a night of classical music.

The Night of Classic

(all 13 tracks, 75 minutes of madness are recorded!)

yeap yeap yeap!! I've got em all recorded in um..
very low quality but hey, it's free piracy!! woohoo!

So what else was interesting besides the soothing music the cool band played??


The whole room wasn't really a big one,
but they sure got nice colors all over.

This walkway has got to be the most cleanest carpet I've ever seen!

And I wasn't even paid to say that, double woohoo!


I've just got to show you this.

Call me a sucker for bright colors but ceilings with glowing L.E.Ds that changes colors?!

LED, Count me in!

They've also got this blue and white laser beams beaming towards the door, which gives a nice aura of cleanness. YEAP.

But I had a conspiracy theory;

Look at all the previous pictures.
Why are they all pointing towards
the big door behind the band?

Why, to commemorate the very old knock knock joke of course!

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Goober Secrets : The Color Code 6 Tag

I was assigned a mission.

A mission to save the world for all goobermanity
A deeply treasured friendship gone bad;
as the mask of eternity slipped;

...prompting Rivalry with only three acts;

The Pledge.
The Turn.
Coming soon to the nearest cinema near you.
(kampungs not included)

These highly secretive gadgets have been selected to proceed in the mission.

Codename : Gooberang
Strength : Strong
Weight : Light

Usage : Takes bearer out of boredom when idle. Serves also as a boomerang for noisy targets.

Requires : Batteries. Real, batteries.

Codename : Smoking Jungle Bears
Strength : Weird
Weight : Ultra light, like tissues

Usage : Ejects smokes when ripped apart, causing enemy feeling the need for tissues.

Requires : Smoke in tissue packs.

Note : 10 packs of smoking jungle bears from 1997's smoke bank still exist.

Codename : Glow 'O Cloak
Strength : Weak
Weight : Light

Usage : It glows vividly and sings "Please get rid of me tomorrow" each day when sitting near it.

Requires : Laziness to get rid of something attitude.

Codename : The Green Leopard
Strength : Cheap plastic
Weight : Light

Usage : Opens a portal for Mr. Goober and his friends to alter the blogging community. Serves also as a balloon popper.

Requires : An artist with two nuts or balloons.

Codename : Scenic Brush
Strength : Unbreakable
Weight : Portable

Usage : Gives bearer the ability to present a sweet smile. When left behind, a scenic aura of beauty would appear.

..especially when near Kleenex's tissue box.

Requires : A Kleenex's tissue box and some tooths.

Codename : The CEO
Strength : Rubbery
Weight : Throwable

Usage : Throwing The CEO on any wall and ceilings will emit a large "SPLAT" sound, causing enemy to faint in horror, however releases extra joy to thrower.

Requires : A frustrated employee. Daily rinsing.

Note : Always gets itself into sticky situation. Avoid it at all cost.

Briefing completed.

This pod post will self destruct in 60 seconds.

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

Monday, November 06, 2006

before N after TAG

Okay pinky piglet o' One! Here's my homework of the day>>>

1. Before this tag I thought I could delay
I decided to get my lazy ass pumping!

2. I was thinking about resigning from blogging since
I'd put too much effort on it, but after thinking for a moment
Nah, maybe a little while longer.

3. Before I slept, I felt sleepy. After I slept,
I still felt sleepy. ZZzzz...h-huh? Oh.

4. Before doing the tag, I knew I was going to have trouble
talking about it since it's such a uhhh..ahh.. taggy tag.
After I started, I realise I only have to key in 1 more point.
Ok let's move onnnn...

5. Hi everyone :) Before reading this, I'd like to say,
before comes before after, or before comes after before?
After reading this, we might conclude that after comes
before after, but comes after before, and thus - before
comes after after.

HurrrraY!!!! Now..let me tag few of the victims *snickers*


_butt ~!!!

p/s : to play, according to pinky piglet O' One's example is list 5 points of before and after??

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

Friday, November 03, 2006

sneaker news, mamamiya!

Sneakers, the greatest footgear for protecting
our fragile feet. Worn both as part of a formal
and casual attire, these friends are something one cannot live without.

As Nikey says, "Just do it. Pay the bills."

* ** *zzz * * * *zzzzzzpt * ** * * **


" We interrupt this program abruptly as there is

currently a major epidemic spreading across Asia region! "

"Sneakers are being chewed at such a fast
rate no one know what in the world is happening!"

"...sure I've heard of rats enjoying rubbers recycled in Singapore after being used by Thailand, but this!? I mean, zOMG!!"

"Absolutely no mercy is shown. They
came from within, and violently ripped our favourite sneakers apart." - Mr. Potato

"It is one of the most terrifying experience I've ever had. He took my sneakers, and furiously tore it into pieces like a demented soul!" - Mr. Pringles

"He chew, and he chomped! I stood there helpless....hey if this is 911 tuning in; HELPPPPPPPPPP~~~~!!!" - Mrs. Need-Help

"God, they even had the whole scene photoshopped!"

"What exactly is happening?! What madness is this all about??"

"Why, latest evidence seems to be pointing towards :"


"This seems to be a rare disorder plagued
by undocumented levels of hunger,
and is reported to affect only children below the
age of 2."


" A disease that prevents children's ability
to differentiate edible and non-edible objects
when placed near a sneaker."

"Babies will turn green within seconds,
and is said to loose resistance against
chewing more sneakers."

"This is just one of them."

"Chomped sneakers and ripped footgears,

" Just exactly what is the cause behind all these madness?!"

" Scientist seems to have found the link that leads
back to the origin of the problem. "

see how important is school now?

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober