Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Week's Hiatus : The Search For Citrus

Hi everyone, I've been gone for quite some time. So here is a story of what actually happened. Enjoy! ( fear long stories? the links are provided so you could read in parts. )

Table of Contents :

A Week's Hiatus
“The Search For Citrus”

Part 1 - The Assignment

It all started just a week ago while I was beginning to get used to blogging once in two days.

Come monday, I received a disturbing news about having to get involved in The Great Valley of Vineyard, where harvest is usually large, but the workers are oh-so few.

"Goober. You have been chosen." the words uttered by our infamous Professor X. "Chosen, for what?" I questioned.

I shouldn't have asked.

Monday was already one of those days where eyes would just keep seeing these four characters in plural; "B-L-U-E-S". The last thing I would want is to be surrounded by alluring sexy goobers before I fully become a ground nut, not to work till I meet my end days!

"Chosen, to retrieve the forbidden grapes from the core of The Great Valley of Vineyard.", "..but of course, with a line, that has death." snickered X as he snickered again.

"L-line w-with a..what? A dead line??" were the words I remember vividly before I grasped my pod, rubbed my lungs, and pulled my vines before I collapsed with a hand on the ground, and finally fell down unconscious.

Part 2 - The Vineyard

The opening ceremony was truly a great one. So great that it took me hours to regain consciousness and finally be able to spell "B-L-U-E-S" once again.

The Great Valley of Vineyard - Is a place filled with richly planted coco and cherries, pineapples, grapes and all fruits ever known to little goobers.

... but no one could ever touch any of the beauties that lie right infront of their squinting eyes, for it was evilishly guarded by demons with red-glowing eye balls, ready to splur their hot vocanic saliva.

My friend Sir Goodo-Gaada once tried approaching the demons but was melted right infront of my eyes. Till this day I still sadly mourn for the lost of a great friend.

Perhaps it is such a great place to be that some would rather just die for it.

Having amassed great amount of confidence, I took a deep breath and slowly walked towards the stairs that led to the opening of The Great Valley of Vineyard.

Part 3 - The Demonic SkullCraps

" WhaaaaaaSssssaaaaaaap .....? " asked SkullCrap BuluJeng. To which I explained my mission impossible assigned by Professor X. It took me 24 hours to explain.

You see, SkullCraps were once fallen orcs who were later given a chance of another life by pledging to serve the Dark Lord SaudiArabiaman through the pact of their brains, bonded by an eternal duty of guarding The Great Valley of Vineyard until the day they repay their sins of their barbaric brains. It is said that those who read Mr. Goober’s blog daily could be saved within a day.

After a long-ho explanation, The SkullCraps finally agreed to let me continue my journey in search for the grapes. The green, lush, and beautiful flowers with fruits that bear relaxation everywhere, the very valley of love that I hoped to reach before the day my pod cracks in olden age, had been the sole motivation of my journey.

Part 4 - Days of Thunder

The path to the hidden citrus within the core of The Great Valley of Vineyard is a legend of a folklore, a tale that everyone hoped to have and hold; but alas, no one ever knew whether it truly existed or was all nothing but a dream.

But how does one achieve, without having to dream?

Looking again at the piece of assignment passed to me, I thought perhaps it would be better if this was just a dream. So I quickly proceeded to slap myself on the left, and was reminded of the lesson from the famous Chinese philosopher – Lao Fu Chi who once said;

When someone slaps you on one side of the face, you must let him slap you on the other for balance of power.

Having known to be alone, I threw a pebble towards the foot of the mountain and recoiled back to my face, causing a painful moment of pain as I counted 1... 2.....


Recovering from the silliness of my own introduction to the foot of the mountain, I quickly ran with the winding roads that will eventually lead me to the top of the The Great Valley of The Vineyard.

I began seeing tired goobers working along the way as I brought my steps forward, pausing to watch how much trouble and pain everyone has to go through in their lives to reach something that might not have an end.

Days passed by, and like a thunder that comes right after the lights, so did I slowly weaknened my pace, having found many more pain that followed. And it struck me, right in the nuts.

.. I fell, and almost gave up.

Part 5 - A New Beginning

With arms clinging onto the floor of pain, my eyes raised towards the sudden light that sung to me. I began seeing lights that came from afar, to which gave me hope of a new beginning.

Hesitating no more, I dusted myself and stood up.

As I approached nearer, it all became clearer. It was something that one would have to celebrate when it presented itself to its owner. The beauties that manifest from the colored hope is something not to be ignored as it was once said that the goddess of the moon brought them with her own hands, forward to earth.

With a sick body, I reached my arms out as best as I could, and slowly opened the moon cakes and took a few bites.

"Hallelujah!!!" exclaimed myself in cheerful and joyful manner as I took a few more munches! It was truly a new beginning!

Part 6 – The Vitamin C Journey (End)

Once tummy’s all filled up, it was high time I paid attention to my mission for the retrieval of grapes assigned by Professor X. Having a sensitive stomach known only to those who work within The Great Valley of Vineyard - I burped.

The gas generated from within my stomach, proceeded through my throat, reflected between my teeth, resulting an impact that kept pushing my mouth to open wide, as it slowly hissed out from it.

The poisonous substance slowly formed into what looked like a cloud as it flew in a gentle manner, tip-toeing in the skies, dancing in the moonlights towards a rock as tall as the mountains. On there, it laid its last breath, and vanished into air.

Suddenly the rock started to shake and crack, with rays shining out loud, demanding an instant attention of my eyes. And lo and behold, the grapes that I had to bring back appeared right before me, with dews of light dripping from its flesh as the rock slowly calmed its strength to vibrate.

Without hesitation, I stretched my hands and quickly snatched them!

And lo and behold once again -------- The whole Great Valley of Vineyard started to shake violently; in layman’s term; IT’S A FREAKING EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!! THE WHOLE PLACE SHOOK AND SHIFTED, rocks cracked and pebbles flew in the air, trees screaming for their lives to survive, and hope crumbling down the paths that led to no way as everything fell, into the deep abyss of darkness...


Miraculously, I was still alive.

I looked around, and saw many hallow paths that survived the great shifting of the earth.
It wasn’t an easy sight to behold.

Remembering the dreams we once had, and the laughter of joy we shared, with the promise of hope greatly remembered;

… the search for the hidden citrus had just begun.

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

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errr this reminds me of INDIANA JONES' ADVENTURES...muahahaha

ohhh so this is where you've been after the 1 week hiau-tus??kekekke

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tsk tsk tsk...

Making Ribena or wat?

Chen said...

catch no balls :P

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WAHAHAHAHAHA at red sponge~!!!

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i'm actually talking about my job.

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HAHAHAHAH at Redsponge too.....So hilarious lah u...of all things, think abt ribena pulak

Walau ah Mr Goober, have u ever thought of writing a book?? Must say u write pretty well.....or rather very well..

Thumbs up from Papercrazy

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why...thank you papercrazy :)

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What an adventurous job you have, Mr Goober!!

I liked it too. Straight to the point yet descriptive enough when it needed to.


Mr. Goober said...

thanks to you too butt :)

now if only i'm able to complete my journey :P

Wayne said...

"thanks to you too butt :)"

short description - thank you butt!

what the heck is that? A job of yours can write until earth quake and volcano. Like your boss don't appreciate your existance. Time for a switch of enviromental and people eh? kekee!

Mr. Goober said...

nyahaha..the story is actually full of symbolic meanings....all related to my work :P