Wednesday, October 25, 2006

handheld electronics : back to basics

Remember those little electronic games?

Way back in the early 80's when you didn't even
have to worry about rechargeable batteries exploding?

So I was looking around..and found this cute looking gadget with extreme advertisement : the time I got to this message I was already wet in the pants.

Then it came again, in awe :

"beat the dragon, and grab the treasures?!?!?!"

I was screaming like a psychopath with bullets of sweats,
rummaging through the best unscratched, untouched and untempered
stock they have and pulled it out from its misery!

mercilessly ripped apart.

after debating with the Sméagol in me for a few hours, going;

"showwwwww der BLOGgersssss.."

"M-mah-master...they'd think I'm some 3 year old kid
licking lollipops in the park!"


overpowered by the devil, I just had to show you guys this.

hey, don't blame me. It's like asking smeagol to show the ring he stole.

Apparently the company hired an environmentalist for the design,
y'know, Green all over dudes, yo.

It's actually quite small as well, miniature size.

So how does one REALLY play the game?

See, you control the knight in a trashcan, moving him down
from the top and dodge those nasty fireballs and eww repeated
claws pumping out..

..and finally don't let the dragon's tail tickle you as
you try to snatch that imaginary gold painted on the background,
quickly dodging once again, those icky claws and fireballs -
back to your mates, gaining 40 points!

---- hours later ----

God, it was simple fun. SO I played, and played,
and again I played, with my eyeballs gauging out - And finally
it struck me;

"HEY..wait the minute...
What beat the dragon?? Where the hell is it??"

Yeap, I got suckered into their stupid marketting ploy.
..I should've known 20 bucks couldn't buy me groovy stuffs.

All you ever need to do in the game is move left to right,
and right to left, no beating of dragons kids. Go home now, shooo.

There just wasn't enough challenge.
So I've taken bravery to the next level..


With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

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Wayne said...

u beat the dragon? Man you've been experiencing barbequed NUTS. lol! Ur Photoshop edit need some 'healinggg brush skill' on the brown brown part... oh please... is that game for jerome? lol!

Chen said...

Aiks.... I don't have the chance to play with such game in the past. The electronic game I played was such as Octopus game (wonder if u know what issit about) :P

_butt said...

OMG!! Mr Goober, hiiiiiiiiiiide!!! now worth risking your life for that 'imaginary' gold!! (who can be sure it's really there)

Btw, we don't get to beat the dragon but have to avoid being 'beaten' instead? LOL

Mr. Goober said...

nyahaha wayne, it's just for i'll just wait for a healing brush to appear so i can do one-click wonder ;)

chen, octupus!!? no never heard of it :P i know they were many kinds of cool ones..but these days it's just rip you can see from my post :P no high quality lcd games anymore.

b-b-butt~!!! since the knight in shining trashcan couldn't even swing a sword with all buttons pressed, i just HAD TO KILL THAT DAMN DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and whew..that was the reason why i bought the game..i thought i could beat it instead of fetching some black nuggets:P

Red Sponge said...

waiseh...goober can kill dragon???

hehehe ;p

Chen said...

dragon like to eat peanut or not?
i'm worried leh..
thinking of BBQ peanut too :P

Mr. Goober said...

redsponge, can...electronic dragons that is :P

ee sound like the dragon already...*runs*

Kenny Ng said...

gamewatch? I miss the Western Bar that game la... the cowboy shooting the flying plates, spoons, folks... when he hit by the object then he'll cry... damn funny!

Winn said...

lol. tht was quite real. u make me feel like wanting to buy games liek this to play ! simple yet challenging. haha

Pink Cotton said...


i can imagine u screaming like a psychopath rummaging for the best untempered stock almost too vividly!


die you stupid dragons!!!!!

hey i just realised they r so cheap skate to even draw the chest of treasure into the game...its actually a still picture!! YEARGHH...

zeroimpact said...

That is funny
I remember last time the design is not so good just rectangle
But then it was fun and the one I liked was picking the eggs
Family treasure man

Mr. Goober said...

hey kenny, YESYESYES!! but i lost that game..i remember i accidentally poked its screen from its battery, it's western cowboy game with a hole in the middle!

lol winn..since it's so cheap now..even with mc donalds giving away for 3 bucks, why not?? Relive the good ol' days when things were simple ;)

oh yes pinkcotton, wouldn't want a bad stock when i pick stuffs ;P and it's better to be a still picture with gold color than a black liquid appearing like a dud right?

hmm zeroimpact...i think i seen it before..but seems like in parkson got picking eggs from the farm too :P so you might wanna check it out..that's if you wanna feel young again :)))

zeroimpact said...

I'm scared I'll have sleepless nights
It's endless you know...

Mr. Goober said...

whoah zeroimpact, okay :) i was just trying to find cure for ur ps2 sickness..hahaha