Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nine WEird Tag~!

Okay, finally done my homework!
Was tagged by _butt and redsponge!

3. No Multitasking Ability
4. Toilet Freak
5. New Found Love - Blogging For Hours
6. Happy Past Collector
7. The Forgotten Past
8. An Old Shirt
9. Unripened Banana

1. Split Personality

When one talks about being weird, yeah this comes up :)

I have obvious split personality. I do enjoy being lame and comical
most of the time, but when I'm serious, I'm DEAD serious. Especially
when I'm working on something.

Don't play play people, Mr.Goober is eine gemini!

2. Sarcastic Between The Lines

I can be weirdly sarcastic.

This means, I crack sarcastic jokes even when I'm looking stern.

I also find it funny for people who can read between the lines,
instead of having them stare back at you like a drug addict.

...or maybe they really were, drug addicts??

3. No Multitasking Ability

I can't focus on anything when I'm doing one thing.
Try talking and yakking to me while I'm working, you'll only hear
me "uh huh.." monotonously.

So need a listening ear? Talk to me while I'm doing something;
like plucking grapes from the vineyard! Nyahaha!

4. Toilet Freak

It's guaranteed that I've visited almost all of the toilets in
every places I've been to. Well, serious!

Lousy toilets? Mediocre or those with prestigious status?!
Even your house! I can remember all of them like a nut in my pod.

Now if you'd ever need any toilet reviewers, you know who to call!

5. New found love - Blogging for hours

Hello Ripley, Believe it or not,

I spent an average of more than 3 hours per post goddamnit!

I look at every corner of the contents, the length, the space,
the graphics, the wordings, the insults and the jokes. You name it,
I'll kiss it!

*shivers with tears* So be appreciative now, sob!

6. Happy Past Collector

I haven't found anyone who does this, but heck, all the old stuffs
that reminiscent the good ol'days - I WANT THEM!

See, I love old games, old programs, old magazines, old toys, old gadgets that are all working. I never loved how technology progressed and spoilt every good ol' things that were made to be simple and entertaining.

7. The Forgotten Past

The 9 weird tags got me thinking.

The weirdest part of my life is that I can't really remember what
happened during my secondary school life about this;

See, I've had pen pals and phone pals that I never knew who they were, but
I could yak for hours and hours on the phone like a grandma.

If you'd ask me to do this all over again, I highly doubt I can.
What happened? Lost my mojo?!

8. An Old Shirt

I still keep a shirt that is 9 years old, unwashed.

You see, I didn't know how to operate a washer machine until 9 years later...

YEAH RIGHT. It's actually a memorable shirt that has signatures drawn
all over it during my visit to another country through a youth club.

9. Unripened Banana

I keep wanting to learn chinese, both read and write!

Surprise surprise..I actually studied chinese for more than 8 whooping years!
And what's left in my brain are little chinese characters hovering around..

Regretted ever since. But have no fear, Goober shall learn chinese very soon!

Lesson one : Art of Chopsticks!

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

23 buzzes!:

_butt said...

Ting ting ting!! I'm first again!! ^^ (No puzzle this time ar?)

Of all the points, I find toilet freak the weirdest!! Didn't know peanut can be one :P

Ahhh.. no wonder an unripened Banana!! for 8 years??

Chen said...

quote "I love old games, old programs, old magazines, old toys, old gadgets that are all working"...
mmmmm.... so I presume u keep lotsa old stuff?

piak u (with choc coated peanut) for studying chinese for 8 donkey years in the past & now lupak pulak?

Chen said...

and... spent more than 3 hours per post?
u r the champion :D

Selba said...


I used to be a toilet freak!!! but these days, I try my best not too.. kekeke

Ah.. unripened Banana.... me too.. me too... :D

zeroimpact said...

I think I should lock my toilet when you come...
Don't want any reviews on it

Mr. Goober said...

well butt, let me put it this way....
peanuts gotta pee too!! time u one of us into ur mouth, gotta smell properly :)))

yea..well, was from chinese primary school..and study till 2nd year in secondary school somemore :P

yuppers chen! Even have my first computer magazine still! looks like a rag now. Old games also got, ya want?

lol..i can't help it..even after posting up i still keep looking at it for 'defects' and keep republishing it..if you'd notice..especially if i find it too boring..or too long or picture mistakes.

HEY SELBA!!! have you been hibernating??? finally awake???
yeah well..ppl says its not good to keep visiting da toilet..but i hafto.. i just gotta see em all!!

um zeroimpact...seems like you're hiding something in the toilet...speak!!!

Selba said...

Hahaha... yup.. my blog was sleeping for a week. Too tired leh... need a little bit rest :D

Hey.. why don't you take pictures of toilets? which one you like, which one you don't.. then maybe show us your toilet!!! Good idea, no? kekekeke...

Winn said...

gooooober u sounds interesting la so u got mrs goober oredi or not? haha

i still keep my uniforms which i havent wash them since...decades! so we are even?

i canot multitask too....ask in, i canot tok on the phone and IM at the same time.

but i can type and think at the same time la:P

Mr. Goober said...

you know what selba, Yah right after typing that and see most of the commenters here talking about toilet..i was thinking of that! :P But gotta learn from james bond first..

kamcheng winn!! what're you trying to do with your uniforms?? also got sentimental values kah?? hahaha..i think most of my uniform alraedy used by my brother..or Mr. Tong Sampah.

i for one certainly can't type and think about something else :))

Pink Cotton said...

since u r such an avid toilet fan...why dont you start blogging about TOILET REVIEWS?


Wayne said...

*trigger toilet rolls on you*
TOILET freako! lol!

Mr. Goober said...

pinkcotton, yeah maybe when i have enough info on them :) I'll make sure theres' plenty of exposure about it! can't guarantee the smell though.

thanks wayne, i love toilet rolls!

Kenny Ng said...

some of ur points really weird... u really weird!

Mr. Goober said...

thanks kenny, i just love being weird :)

Chen said...

my dog loves toilet rolls too, just like u :P

next time I must count how many times u republish your post :P
btw.. are u a perfectionist?
or someone with very high expectation? :P

Winn said...

oh ya. u have a point. i mean if u ask to think and type of the same topic i can la..

but if u ask me to type but think abt my dogs at home i cant.

eh but i tot guys can think abt hamsap things whenever they r doing anything diff at all?? ;p explain!

Mr. Goober said...

hahaha chen..on the contrary, i think im not..because i'm very easy going but when it comes to products...i just wanna make sure it's at least ISO-Goober-2006
standard that is!

ya kah winn??? ok lah..that might be true to a certain extend lah..i mean the hamsap part..i bet most guys can just suddenly put off their work for girls anytime ;))

zeroimpact said...

Nothing to hide... just not comfy if there is going to be a review

Red Sponge said...

weirdo, cant wait to read ur review on TOILETS. Muahahha...just tell me which toilet in kuching is clean so that I do not have to go in Pizza Hut and answering the waitress that I am looking for toilet while they are asking "having here or take away?"


Mr. Goober said...

okay zero :P thought u got secrets inside there..brown color...*lol*

ROFL red sponge..that really happened ???? thats one funny answer, they must be too used to ppl tapaoing things.

Uncle Lim said...

your quite a prolific blogger, uncle having trouble keeping up.

Mr. Goober said...

lol uncle, age's catching up? *snickers* jk!

sfw said...

hey , since u visited most of the toilet..u can blog something on that dude!!! nyah crap~!