Friday, October 06, 2006

Mooncake-Lantern Festival

That's what you get for taking pictures on a hazy day in Malaysia.

Because everywhere is so grey, let's take a look at today's tip on

How To Obtain A Guaranteed Sick Leave

" Apply black mascara under both eyes and wear two fog masks - one covering your mouth, another strapped to your hair. Proceed to light a candle on top of your head.
Now, walk slowly to your nearest clinic and tell your doc you're a lantern, ready to be hung onto the gates tonight. "

Oh well, despite all these..

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone! :)

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

13 buzzes!:

Chen said...

Magnificent shots of Friendship Park.
Looks like CNY celebration :P

Happy Moon & Cake Festival :)

Pink Cotton said...


we'll just have to squint our eyes to look at the full moon 2nite :P

Wayne said...



Mr. Goober said...

chen, they're actually not friendship park in's some shots from singapore, hongkong and china ;)

pinkcotton, perhaps the moon can't even be seen, just like what shown in my 2nd batch of photos.

wayne, *HIGH-5*!

_butt said...

oh dear.. wonder if the big, round moon's gona show up tonight.. *finger crossed*

happi mooncake festival!!

papercrazy said...

There goes our mashimaro pumping the toilet.....sigh

Never mind, let's draw a big fat round moon on our window and watch it the whole nite...

Mr. Goober said...

yeah butt, with papercrazy's ingenious ideas The Mooncake Festival might be saved.

paper, just make sure you don't eat a paper moon cake tonight.

Selba said...

Last year.. so beautiful..
This year.. so unique...


Happy mid-autumn festival!!!

Chen said...

greetings from Borneo Island :D
Happy Mid Autumn Festival :)

Mr. Goober said...

selba, i hope next year i won't have to post two similiar pictures of the second one :P

oh hey chen! borneo water ah! remember!! :))

Chen said...

the first photo of the arc looks like the one from Friendship park from afar :P

Borneo mineral water will do also, right? :P

redsponge said...

muuuu i feel being left out :(

Happy tanglung day :(

Mr. Goober said...

chen, actually i kinda resized those pics till too small..all of them looked superb..i stole them from google :)~~~

nm liao lah, just help me to make sure it rains so i won't need any borneo water:P

redsponge, uhh..hah?
happy belated tanglung day :P did you munch on alot of cakes from the moon?