Monday, October 23, 2006

stomaco dell'animale (animal stomach)

Today's gabbles :

"I got swallowed by an animal."

"..gee, might as well digest something before getting assimilated I guess."

"So I was there, with both arms crossed, thinking about what to eat. "

"Yeah, that's me alright.
Photo proven."

"Then it occured. Some weird marshmallow man gave me this piece of what they call, das MenĂ¼. "

"..Sure got me confused there. See, there were too many similiar RM on the menu,
and I didn't know what to choose. Should I go for RM 12.90, or RM13.90? Perhaps RM9.90 is more edible?"

"Without thinking too much, I went for RM14.90 and told the marshmellow man;"

"I'd like to order RM14.90, which'll cost me a cheesy chicken chop."

"..Sir, you're confused. See, we sell the chickens, you pay the RM."

"It was too obvious he wasn't gramatically correct, so not wanting to embarass him, I held my breath until he left."

* Poof *

This was the only reason why I'd waste my time blogging about this whole lame post.

The Cheesy Chicken Chop, is truly, smackaroory!! Slurp, woop, smack!!

Carefully grilled with cheese splatted all over it, and uh..little fries and insulted long beans, I mean, salted long beans, it truly tasted beyond an elephant's stomach.

I don't know. They weren't too generous on the fries and beans don't cha think?

Well, What do we have for drink?

The American Breakfast,
as weird as it sounds, is actually just a tea.

Comes with one pack of tasteless sugar, and another pack of pirated sugar, which is tasteless as well.

The milk was a compliment, since it was tasteless too.

Oh, the photo doesn't say anything, but it was actually very big, so big it could be used as a hat - literally.

Question :
Okay, who in their right mind would eat a chicken chop with a tea?

Answer :
"Well, why do you think I'm still alive?"

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

17 buzzes!:

Red Sponge said...

yeah u like the cheesy chicken chop too! ^_^

But I still stick to the spaggetti most of the time;p


Kenny Ng said...

im eating peanut now... that mean im eating u? LOL

Chen said...

This makan place looks classy :)

Does the marshmallow man looks like the marshmallow man from ghost buster? :P

Mr. Goober said...

yeap redsponge, my first time trying it though..superb i would say..reminds me of pizza with chicken s :P~~~~

kenny, where'd you see any peanuts???

well chen, it's quite an okay place, albeit they have some problems with their chairs..some are small seperated chairs, while only in the middle you have this long stretch in one of my pics.

and no, if he'd look like that...i'll need to pick up my backpack and heat up my electronic gun!

zeroimpact said...

Ah food... now I get hungry everytime I read blogs
It looks nice and tea is a preference so no prob bout it

Mr. Goober said...

nyahahaha zeroimpact, actually i was just curious what an american breakfast look like.

but too's really tasteless after putting the milk and two packs of sugar.

_butt said...

hmm.. could it be your 'cousin' (err.. are beans and peanuts related?) be the culprit? that makes the tea and pirated sugar and everything else tasteless? LOL

Mr. Goober said...

butt, you seem to have hit the highest hit points, will you be the winner? the answer, right after the advertisement!

oh well..maybe it's that old sugar crisis story again..

Pinky_piglet said...

i went there before, order the cheese chicken chop too... nice to eat and the price also not so expensive... but i like to drink ice blended and ice cream at there, yummy o...

_butt said...

eh? highest hit points?

Pink Cotton said...


give me one RM14.90 pls...and if there's RM100 even better...


Mr. Goober said...

whoah pinky, ice blended drink and ice cream eh?! okay..maybe next time i'll try...

lol butt..just kidding..i was just reusing the project runway : mirror match's words.

pinkcotton, so are you gonna pay it up with chicken chop, or a kitchen? ;p

zeroimpact said...

Oh... I have not tried that before so no comments on that
May be next times can try others like darjeeling/mango/peppermint... should taste better, but I always drink them as it is without adding sugar

_butt said...

laaa.. thought got catch somewhere in this entry.. hahaha :P

Mr. Goober said...

zeroimpact, oh, yeah..i've never seen anyone putting sugar in those too..:P hahaha..anyways, too much sugar also no good.

yah _butt, i don't have any ideas for presents anyways..nyahahaha

papercrazy said...

Elephant will always be one of my favourite eatery...Value for money!!

U must order the RM19.00 which cost you a plate of mixed grill....

And, oh, also the carbonara is superb

All the furniture/lightings and utensils are actually bought from Ikea

Mr. Goober said...

okay papercrazy, i think i got confused by its chicken chop listing, didn't see any mixed grill..

IKea??? but they look outdated..hahaha :P MAybe it's an old place..but yeah, cheaper than other places by a margin.