Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Runway : Mirror Match!

: There is a winner. Commentary has commenced below here.

This Week's Challenge :

Contestants are placed at Star City Kuching,
Two pictures, 10 Differences.

The Challenge : Be the first to list out all 10 points!

..Only One, shall emerge as the winner.
Buona Fortuna~!!

On This Challenge :

Contestants were tested for their ability to pay attention to details.

They were challenged to list all 10 differences
out of two mirrored photos.

7 contenders stepped forward -
but only one is chosen as the victor.

_Butt - The earliest participant. She wickedly went on to
the challenge knowingly everyone's asleep at this hour.
Her initial answers were incomplete. She later continued
with additional 2 points herself, laughing all the way
to papercrazy - "original ideas are not meant to be stolen!"
..okay I made the last part up.

Pinkcotton - The 2nd participant. With a eeky scream,
"eeeeeeeee i only found 3!!!!!!!!" and no understandable
points listed out, no points could be given. Not
even after a free lunch.

Papercrazy - The challenge continued with papercrazy. Because
she's so used to keeping every papers known to mankind,
she knowingly stole _butt's list and added another
2 answers.

Kenny Ng - It was then that Kenny, who was already smirking
behind the scene, quickly jumped out and slapped everyone out
with 10 solid points. But was it enough?!

Wayne - Far away in another island, came Wayne. No man's an island,
but a picture can surely draw more! With an artistic talent,
10 circles were drawn onto the picture with confidence
of words he uttered; "I'm the winner!"

Chen - Chen started hallucinating around 11 in the morning, and
decided to continue a little later. Little later it did not!!
With tired eyes and continued hallucination, she whispered
her final answers with a doctored photo 11 hours later.

Redsponge - Just when we all thought the competition was over,
around the corner of a washbowl, came squeezing with
awesome power that spills water when provoked -
Redsponge arrived, brashly muahahaing for the host
to check her answers.

Two pictures, 7 contestants - 10 Differences.

Who shall be crowned the winner in this week's challenge?

Contestants were judged according to their
submission time with 10 complete answers.

6 finalists survived :

Kenny Ng, you had the fastest submission time and most hit points.

Redsponge, a behind the scene email revealing the answers was a though thing
to do. It took out some of your submission time.

Wayne, you were challenged as a designer, and your confidence to win this round
has put up a challenge to the rest. You listed 10 points.

Chen, delaying your answers was a risk. But you took it with great heart and
posted up the photo with hope. But was it enough?

_Butt, awaken early in the morning to list out the answers gave u an early advantage.
It was a display of speed and great anticipation. You completed the 10 points

Papercrazy, it was pretty smart of you to reuse _Butt's list as part of your answers.
Perhaps this was the only way to win smart, not hard?

---------- and now the results ----------

Chen, the risk you took to delay your answers had sacrificed your chances of winning.
I'm sorry.

Wayne, the confidence you had was challenging to the rest. As a designer, the ability
to spot on different objects in complicated scene in such a timely manner
gave you the winning hat. But you, have not listed out 10 correct points.

_Butt, addition of 2 more points at a later time could've been won if you were careful.
You too, did not win the challenge. I'm sorry.

Papercrazy, with the emergence of copy and paste technology, what you did was truly unique.
Unfortunately, _Butt's list were not correct. Adding two more points to it further pushed you away from victory.

...That leaves the two of you.

Redsponge, your answers were not viewed by anyone. A unique experience.

Kenny Ng, You had the fatest submission time and most hit points, congratulations.

One of you shall be named the winner.

Will you please step forward upon hearing your name?


I'm sorry Kenny, you lost. You were very close. If only you had been earlier. Redsponge was
the first to spot the final difference in the picture, the chinese wording on the yellow and red banner.

, you shall be receiving a mysterious and utterly weird gift from me
very soon~~

Once again, congratulations to Redsponge!

Thanks everyone for playing~

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

57 buzzes!:

_butt said...

Second time posting!! let's see if I get this right.. ^^

1. extra 'lamp' post, far left (of the second pic)

2. the car with straaange looking headlights, far left

3. mr goober's icon!!

4. top flag, far left of the building there were 3 light 'spots' on the first pic. the second pic has 4..

5. a vehicle gone 'chipsmore' (missing) on the first pic and appeared on the second, far right

6. i thought i saw a fire hydrant on the first pic oso..

7. the building on the left side close to the middle, there's four 'windows' on the first pic.. three on the second pic

8.. and on the right side, there should be 8 windows with a 'gap' in between..

9. .. ok, i'm stuck.

This is fuun!

oh, btw.. Morning!! :D

Winn said...

wha...butt so pandai..

errr ...i saw this yest nite, but was tooo late i cant think.

now is too earli ,..and i m late for work.


Pink Cotton said...

eeeeeeeee i only found 3!!!!!!!!

papercrazy said...

continuing butt's list:

9)1 street lamp post missing at the right side of the pix

10) Tot there was sombody/something inside Slimming Sanctuary

p/s Butt, we have to share pressie lor if there's any....

Selba said...

Hahaha.. this is fun! but I will do it later also... :)

Mr. Goober said...

butt and papercrazy, are you sure it's all correct? we'll find out when the winner emerges!

happy hunting everyone~!!

hope someone can win by this week :P

zeroimpact said...

Headache liao
How to list la...
But fun though

Chen said...

i start hallucinating..
will continue with the "game" tonight when I'm more "sleepy" or... "alert"?

Kenny Ng said...

1. extra a street light (left side)

2. Car's headlight different colour (left bottom)

3. Malaysia flag with an extra light.

4. top left of the building less a line.

5. building windows line, (center) only 7 lines instead of 8.

6. building window line, (right) got 9 lines instead of 8 only.

7. extra a light at the left side of the building (3 become 4)

8. extra a car at the car park (right bottom)

9. Mr. Goober icon at a tree

10. got extra black line on the road kerb (right infront of the extra car at the car park - right bottom).

Correct or not? got any prize ah? LOL...

_butt said...

Wahh.. looks like kenny ng more kheng!!!!!

I think I missed point 3 and 10..

[papercrazy] we share share the prize if we win ya *fingers crossed* hehe :D

that is, if got prize ler.. (self satisfaction not included) :P

Mr. Goober said...

haha zeroimpact.. actually this picture is very good to confuse the eyes..thats why it was selected.

okay chen, try your luck tonite :) or right now!?

kenny, are those your final answer!?

butt, umm amm.... winner shall have me doing their homeworks for 1 year?!

Wayne said...

ur trying to mata juling everyone's eye? lol!

Chen said...

sakit mata..
i need eye drops :)

mr goober is guilty for making everyone here sakti mata :D
pooor us...

In return, mr goober gotta belanja us
mmmm... two scoops of baskin robbin ice cream?

Mr. Goober said...

Okay results so far....

Nobody is totally correcT!!

Wayne, your pic has been removed temporarily ;) to make it challenging for others as well.

Butt, care to fill your additional points and clarify on point 6?

_butt said...

Agree with Chen!!! :D

Eh? how come nobody totally correct?? yerr..

6. There was a fire hydrant on the first pic and none on the second. Confirmed.

My additional points? you mean 9 and 10?

OK, I spot something new.. I think I saw a shadow or a dark figure between two vehicles parked infront of the shop far right, on the second pic.

come to think of it, the supposedly vehicle far right (infront of the shop) on the second pic does not look like a vehicle at all.. more like an extra 'thing' behind a parked car facing us..

*rubbing eyes*

Chen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mr. Goober said... hydrant???

ok i better give off a hint before everybody thinks thats one of the answer..

the car on the lower right of the pic, with its uneven curb and its surrounding shadows are 1 point ;P

bad photoshopping on that part. (i've just 'fixed' it)

so butt, chen, kenny and wayne, take note ;P

chen, i've also temporarily removed ur picture ;) since it'll be more challenging for ppl to really find it without visual cues.

_butt said...

hahaha.. so it's not. :P

Wayne said...

actually or.... i lazy to explain, rather, I'd choose to circle the difference.


Point 6? I dunnow where to start?

Chen said...

pening staring at the pict for so long just now...
to be continued again later on... :P

Red Sponge said...


tau yian!

when is the closing date?


Mr. Goober said...

closing date hah? until a winner emerges by this week~!

but good work so far're very close!!! gambateh~

Red Sponge said...

muahahaha...I just submit it to u via email!

Pls contact me through email besides from announcing the winner in ur blog, k? I mean if i win la.. ;p


Kenny Ng said...

ok... i found the answer! throw away my answer no 10... my last answer is... the Bak Kut Teh words changed to Chai Kut Teh (Red background yellow wording). :D

Kenny Ng said...

opsss... is Fang Kut Teh... not 'Chai' :P

Chen said...

wah... kenny really has sharp eyes.. I miss that :P

_butt said...

wah x2.. like dat oso can? hou lei hoi!!

Pink Cotton said...

u r all addicted...LOL

hmmm wait...let me just chg a new pair of eye balls first then i will play this 'x'

Chen said...

pink cotton can just wear a new pair of pink-coloured contact lens, no need to change new pair of eyeballs :P

Wayne said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
papercrazy said...

Who is the winner???

Butt, I guess we 2 will have to share tears nia liaw lah....

I think I'm going to avoid that place for a while.....Fed up of the place after looking at the photo for so long

*Blind due to too much crying and strained eyes*

Mr. Goober said...

we seem to have a winner..

commentary shall commence tonight!!

notice : some comments have been temporarily removed due to visual cues, but rest assured, your answer is also into consideration ;)

Chen said...

I guess... Kenny is the winner? :)

Kenny Ng said...

chen: LOL... even my eyes so small, but very sharp lor :P Thanks to my well trained on reading construction drawing plan, every detail counts.

Chen said...

*knock knock*

sekarang sudah pukul 9:20 pm ..
mana tu result? :D

Pink Cotton said...

WAH chen sudah bei tahan 'x'

lets chat then...wahahaha

Chen said...

kakakkaa... I know I'm not the winner :P

I guess Goober must be busy eating kacang till he lupa :P

Pink Cotton said...


this is PEANUT IDOL 'x'

Wayne said...

Man, ur uber items send to miss red must be something-related-to-peanut. HAHAHAHA!

u really knn lah, last minute change the drawing / edits. lol! :P

Chen said...

congrats Red sponge :D

Pink Cotton said...


red sponge...

i assure u no foul play involved here...WAHAHAHAHH

psst red sponge..i didnt do the thing i told u i would do just now 'x'

red sponge said...

*jump jump jump*


Cant sleep last night after submitting the answers, almost call u up to check mail!


the red colour of the signboard is quite obvious hor? the last one that i figured out is the roof part!


Pink Cotton said...

lets JUMP togehter!
ok ah ..ready ahh..



Mr. Goober said...

whew, couldn't meet the 9pm target :P

chen, goobers don't eat their own brothers :))

umm pinkcotton, then i failed! i wanted it to sound like project runway :P

wayne, lol, i didn't change the answers. At first the car had shadows around it with uneven kerb, impossible answers all around one spot by 1mm mah right. So had to be somewhere.

congrats redsponge!!!!!!!! hope you'll enjoy the UTTERLY WEIRD gift!!

red sponge said...

now now...I think I should give a speech 'x'!!!

I would like to thanks my parents for giving me a pair of BIG eyes but too bad they do not work well without my spectacles. Anyway, without the eyes and the spectacles, I couldn't be the winner tonight muahahaha...

Thanks goober for this little game. I enjoyed it alot. Wooo...and the unexpected weird prize *wondering what it is*

~the end~ fun fun...

Chen said...

RS, wat sort of liuliu speech is this? Anyway, I hope u enjoy the congrats songs I sang just now :P

hope the unexpected weird pressie is not one big packet of kacang :P

Mr. Goober said...

*throws confetti!!

redsponge, you're actually thanking your spectacles instead of ur parents?!?!

lol chen! we'll see..if redsponge decides to blog about it :)))

Kenny Ng said...

LOL @ Redsponge...

Congratulations to Redsponge!

I just play for fun to test my eyes still sharp or not, I think I'm abit old already... wakakakaka!!!

Happy Holiday to u all~~~

_butt said...

*clap clap*

Waaaaaaaa.. congrats to red sponge!!!! ^^

Redsponge is right wut, a good pair of spec and eyes does help a lot, heheh.. well, in my case, maybe I need to consume more tomatoes, change my spec (kiddin) and learn intermediate level chinese.. LOL

.. was reaaali reali fun playing it.. hehehe.. more of it next time Mr Goober!! nice commentary there btw :D

Hmm.. utterly weird prize.. will tune in to Redsponge blog to find out..

Happi Holidays!!!

Chen said...

I asked red sponge to take pict of the pressie liao. But we came to a conclusion just now.. if u really give her peanut as pressie, we will both bok u..

Mr. Goober said...

lol kenny, yeah! thanks for playing yea~! happy holiday to you too

_butt, yeah, i also think those who read chinese baru wanna see those small chinese characters :))

CHEN..MUAHAHAHAHAHA!! I can only say this..even I do not know what's inside! That's why it's utterly weird and mysterious :P

Red Sponge said...

To all,

Thanks and I will post up my very FIRST gift (win from blogsphere) in my blog once I got it! =)

Pink Cotton said...

YAY red sponge 'x'

mebe the delivery boy/gal might 'eat' the present up leh???



Mr. Goober said...

that's why I took a picture before passing it pinkcotton :P

redsponge, woohoo! and it's my very first post giving away freebies - wahahah!

Chen said...

first this & first that..
sounds so "yuk mah" :P

papercrazy said...

I PROTEST LEI!!!! How do u expect me to read chinese characters??

Nevertheless, Congrats to RedSponge lor....Tell us what's the content of the pressie!!!

*Go and pek my eyes wide wide so that I will have big eyes like RS*

Mr. Goober said...

chen~~ you first!

muahaha now you know, chinese reading ppl has an advantage in project runway :P