Friday, December 08, 2006

junk food attack : Shoyue Mi

latest update : yellow naked turtle spotted in Watson!!! WOOOOH!!~!!!

Another short post~!? Yeah!

See, I've been really, really busy trying to be lazy.

So whats going on?? Well, today I was given a chance to have a taste
on one of these..

Shoyue Mi - sounds like some japanese pornstar model.

Google it up and you'll probably see bunch of naked yellow turtles.
..if you're into that kinda know..I won't tell, promise. Dot.

That aside, this is one helluva cool keropok I've ever eaten!! So
cool I had to blog about it, ditto~!

First things first.

It's actually a Snek Ku branded junk food, the one
that packs all those stick-like keropoks, with green peas and flat shaped
IDE cables for consumption.

See, don't they look like IDE cables for your hard disks? Oh my, I'm
getting a little technical.

Now for the most important did it taste?

Wellll..remember mamee junk foods? the one with its pack of
powdered msgSSS ?

Well, it tastes much lighther, not too oily, and none too salty.
Probably because soya beans were used instead of potatoes or corns.

A balanced taste that'll make you want more!

Note : fire from mouth only applies when consumed by a naked yellow turtle.

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

16 buzzes!:

Winn said...

snek ku. i think i've tried this.

keropok kicap soya always my fav. i like the fat fat shaped one....

crab or prawn flavour is nice

Pink Cotton said...

is that a turtle???wheres the shell??

i think its a naked turtle 'x'

so perhaps shoyue mi is referring to turtle porn stars and not japanese porn stars lah..

Mr. Goober said...

wahhh yeap yeap winn!! crabs one is the best..but gotta buy original, not pirated one!
malaysians, support original.

well pinkcotton it sure got me thinking, octopus!? or turtle?? but since octupus has way more tentacles than that indicident naked pic infront, it should be a naked yellow turtle then!

Chen said...

Your short post is not short :D
never tasted this Shoyue Mi yet...
naked yellow turtle?

Mmmmmm... should rephrase it as naked yellow "big head" turtle !!

Mr. Goober said...

but still chen, it might not be a turtle :) oh long as it taste nice..i just found out, it appears in Watsons too!! you ougttah check it out

_butt said...

naked yellow turtle?? LOL!!

If you didn't tell us it's from Snek Ku brand, I'll be thinking it's some Jap made product haha (I loved munching on those stick-like keropoks btw)

Must check it out soon!! :D

Mr. Goober said...

yes butt!!
i love those nice keropoks too!!
go googogo get at watson1!!!!!

Selba said...

I want to try it!!!
Can.. can.. can...? :D

Mr. Goober said...

cancancan selba..
but i can only send u more screenshots..don't chew your monitor out ok?? X)

Pink Cotton said...




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Redsponge said...


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Mr. Goober said...

wah..pinkctton asking me to stay at home, while redsponge asks me to give snek ku and dash through the snow!??!

god, can someone please pass me a soda?

Ah Boy said...

Chen bought this snacks on Sunday, so Ah Boy gets to savour some too :)
Nice :D

Mr. Goober said...

lucky little dog you ;)

i'm gonna get it again, its so tasty~

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