Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Weather Forecast

I was eating at the market, having a nice hot
meal of char kueh and guess what?

The freaking storm came back!

Then it shot the feeble brained me. Yeap, this is how it all happened :

Last week, a baby went berserk.

..and spanked his white puppy.

A loud howl created an impact to the clouds.

and shifted positives into negatives, vice versa!

causing lightning to strike onto earth,
changing the weather instantly!

Then a sudden gush of wind blew.

and gave out strong air from beneath.

Causing waters from the earth rocketing sky high!

babies started crying.

people started running.

MORE babies started crying.

and of course, more of them started running.

..while some were already flying.


the mountains peed, in all its glory.

The world as we know, is already in chaos.
almost every region is affected by this deadly storm and

hey how did THAT get in there!?

The whole place blew as
commanded by the deadly winds of whales.

people will all gather once more in unity.

America will lower their flags.

..and we'll all live in tents at the end.

needless to say, I didn't finish my char kueh and quickly ran home.

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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_butt said...


how can anybody missed this?? LOLOLOL

aiyo, why you make me laugh la.. see i can't sleep now!! hahahaha!

nice job with the transition of the pics!! it works when you scroll down fast ;)

Pink Cotton said...

hmmmm talk about exaggerating...WAHAHAH

Yup i agree with _butt nice selection of pics ;)

im sure the stray dogs at the kopitiam would be glad to have your leftover cha kueh for supper ...wahaha

Mr. Goober said...

lololol butt!!

did I just contributed to your insomnia??
The weather's really acting up these days,
I can't even eat properly last night!

I actually wanted to find pics of people running
away from typhoons, but my search yielded me unrelated pics.
So what the heck..let's make a story ;)

Pinkcotton! maybe it'l come's
a conspiracy theory from Mr. Goober you know..
the Nutty Professor..muahaHAhahaha!!

FireHorse said...

Came via Kenny Ng's blog, glad I dropped by, you have a very unique sense of blogging style. refreshing, will be back for more.

Chen said...

wow... like watching movie :P

unclelim said...

why u didn't call me to finish up ur char kueh leh ... :)

Mr. Goober said...

why..thanks firehorse! I'll be visiting you soon.

so didja prepare ur pop corns huh chen?? hu huhuhhuhuh?

unclelim, by the time you reach i think it'll be all frozen because of the silly weather ;)

aKho said...

char kueh at where market?

Mr.Goober said...

akho, neh..jalan song area. not bad lah, they put 'chai poh' so it taste a little sweet.

Winn said...

lol..nice arrangement!!! but u forgot the pic of char kuey

Mr. Goober said...

heheh winn, ya ya..
the wind was too my food flew away..