Saturday, September 23, 2006

Festival of the Moon

It's almost that time of the year for every chinese to celebrate
the wonderful festival of the moon. Which festival?

The Moon Cake Festival

This special occasion falls on every 15th day of the eighth month in the Lunar calendar. So which date exactly is this? October 6th.

Every year when I look at the moon cakes, I can only picture two words;

Round and Square.

Then I started to picture more words;

Round, Square and Colored.

In recent years, I started to have another;

Round, Square, Colored and Expensive.

This year, I started to have some problem picturing the words, but here goes ;

Round, Square, Colored and it's god damn expensive ya freaking weird factories who simply chunk out cheap round, square, colored so-called cakes priced so sky rocketing high only god knows whether mount everest is still holding the world's highest record!

...but of course they're so commercially succesful they just had to evolve into many shapes, colors and sizes. Why?

Because it's to celebrate the great festive of the moon!

Of course it's not against the law to not wait until the 6th of October to actually get yourself one of these. So why not take one of them so you can blog about it?

.. or you can do it the cheap way - touch the mooncakes, touch north, north, south, south, east, west then quickly whip out your camera and take a fast shot while you walk away (and remember to switch on "fast mode" to increase shutter speed).

On a side note, I always remember how my primary school teacher enlightened us about the story of how exactly "moon cake" festival came out.

It was actually very much related to a chinese history;

A story that brings us back to the 13th century, during the reign of the Gengkhis Khan, the mongolians were in power over China. The chinese, having known that it was impossible to overthrow the Yuan dynasty, had to come out with a solid plan.

It was then that Liu Chi, whom served as an advisor to Zhu Yuan Zhang, plotted against the mongolians by putting secret messages inside small cakes, delivered by messengers who held lanterns (thus, lanterns are played during moon cake festival) to the chinese. This organised tactic started plans of revolt from the chinese and finally overthrew the mongolians, which herald the start of the Ming dynasty.

So the next time you look at your moon cakes, try to find the hidden message.

Meanwhile, I think I've just discovered a message from one of my moon cakes.

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

8 buzzes!:

Pink Cotton said...

whether round,square or colored and best of all...EXPENSIVE...i love them all!! ^_^

hee the ugly duckling...i think hes pretty safe in someone's tummy more the odd one out

Selba said...


Mond kuchen :)

got peanut feeling or not?

Chen said...

i wanna pengsan when I saw nowadays they even come up with cheese flavoured mooncake :D

I get a message from one of my mooncakes too --> Don't eat me !!

Mr. Goober said...

pinkcotton, yeah, that funny looking mooncake just passed away.

hmm selba..Mond kuchen is german's name of mooncake?? sounds cute..and unforetunately I haven't really bought any "real" mooncakes, they're jsut cheap ones right now :)

okay chen, so you're gonna pass it to me for another blogging commentary??

redsponge said...

hey not bad hoh u, still remember what ur primary school teacher told u??!!


Mr. Goober said...

yes...i still remember the words vividly..

"message in cake..lantern..war".

my teacher didn't know we'll have google and wikipedia 10 years later.

Mystique said...

... *hungwy*... *eats da ugly duckling*... *nummy*...

I prefer double yolk, lotus seed mooncakes... NUMMY! :)

you ought to try West M. Too many variaties, especially the "ping phi"... so colourful and ... "flavourful" :P

Mr. Goober said...

West M. ??? where's that?? west malaysia? yeah too many..
i'm just taking shots of some that i saw when i walk pass by..

yet to see jelly, or Häagen-Dazs type moon cake!