Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rack Tag

* Tick *

Uh.. it was getting a little too dark.

So why am I showing you my rack? I'll tell you why.

to yak all about my rack!!
Yes, you can see her rack,
it's all in here.

Thanks for watching.
It's been a hard work taking those pictures...

director :

Mr. Goober

cast :

Puppy Watson - Puppy Watson
Gameboy Micro - Rectangle Friend
Ericsson - Old Mate
Sony Ericsson - New Photo Mate
Nokia - Knock a Kia

in loving memory of Tim who lost his nuts



My bad, I rolled the wrong credits.

Okay, let's quickly take a look through what goodies lie beneath this square rack shall we?


I have a plaster inside my rack, the one, and only, plasta.

It's a cute, animal brand but tested safe for human usage.

What's so special about it? Well, I once broke a whole bottle of Yomeshu drug and sharp pieces of glass exploded right into my poor toes, and these saved them! (Uh..wait, since when do I have toes again?)

Had to use these friends for many days, That's why theres only one left. The one, and only, plasta.




See that grey-like entangled thingy in the middle on the right? It's an earphone, and he's having a bad stress right now, look at how he crosses his arms! So - we better not bother him.

What about that blue plastic like box with octopusy arms? They're actually catridge readers and writers for mein ultimate machine...

My Rectangle Friend,
The Gameboy Advance Micro!

(Warning : Girls might get bored with this section. Please chew some gingseng sweets)

Yeap, something a goober cannot live without - a diminutive gadget that has enough power to play all your memorable 8-bit tv games as well as its own wide array of 32-bit games, all in the palm of your hands, Literally.

So what else do we have in there?

Oh.. the crime scene I've been avoiding..

Well you see few years ago
Puppy Watson got murdered while asleep, killed by the weight of the Ericsson phone I once used.

I accidentally shook the rack really, I swear it wasn't done on purpose!

Now, let me reveal to you my eyes..

Yup, they're my eyes alright. Not that Knock A Kia 3120,
but Sony Ericsson K800.
They're my current favourites,
And they take all the photos found in this blog :)

Hey, whazzad thing near there?!

do we see a Hidden Mickey ??
Let's rewind.... NOT!

Gosh, I'd better get some more honey before he gets mine!

p/s: does anyone of you realise all of the pictures look the same? remind me not to blog like this ever again. Doh!

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

12 buzzes!:

Anonymous said...

not even a single book on the rack ?
errr...u r showing us your "table" or your rack? :D

Anonymous said...

not even ginseng sweets can diminish my boredom of ur gameboy micro...muahahaha

chen chen...his books are all in boxes...his cds and dvds and cartridges are all arranged beautifully in shelves n racks...funny ho??wakakaka


Anonymous said...


*pinching eyes*

All of the pictures are the same?

*scroll back again*



Mr. Goober said...

it's a rack :)))

and YUP pinkcotton got it right! how'd you know it??

the only accessible books i have are Archies on the floor right now..so that cannot possibly be considered a rack..ahahaha :D

selba, mmm yeah, don't they?

Anonymous said...

I like the puppy watson.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that is a rack of gadgets and for sake a picture can rotate so many angles. LOL!

Anonymous said...


At least ur rack does not disappoint me!

Eh, u mean toeSSSS?

*imagining all ur toes are plastered*


Mr. Goober said...

puppy watson = pirated snoopy.

adn yes wayne, thats why i thought it all looked too same..should've just switched on the gameboy instead.

and wait, goober dun have toes!! :P

Anonymous said...

ah u say ar? the antic SE still @ ur RACK! LOL! If me, zha zha throw in rubbish lor..

Mr. Goober said...

it has sentimental values...

so sentimental infact it was because all handphone shops at that time didn't even wanna accept a trade in for this phone!!

Wayne said...

HAHAAHA! true also wa.. but u know my 3310? I can trade for SGD$105 without charger. with charger $110.
How sweet is that? This kinda chip plak phone still got people 1. haha! maybe is the machine inside instead of the shell. And they can sell to 3rd world countries!

Mr. Goober said...

eh man..singapore and malaysia also 3rd world country what..LOL