Wednesday, September 13, 2006

il est Peanut Day!

Yes, September 13th is a Peanut Day!

Now what's so special about this day?

Believe it or not, after the 13th year trying since late 1940s at the end of the 2nd world war era,
on this very day the peanuts were finally roasted to perfection.

Well okay, it isn't true, but according to little searches with google,
I cannot find any factual information regarding this day except that
it is a national day...for... for non-Malaysians.

This is also the day you celebrate by watching peanuts, eating peanuts, sleeping peanuts and finally acting like a nut the whole day.

Say, let's start a marathon where the fastest person to become a nut in a day be declared the winner. The person gets to bring back home my ex-colleague :)

Oh, I've also dedicated an e-card for everyone :)
(and nope, it's not a joke, hee hee)

Catch em over here!

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

12 buzzes!:

Anonymous said...

I hope I won't go nuts after reading this :D

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeee so colorful ^_^

now thats a prize no one would want..muaahahahah

but chen!! tat day u said u wanto bite bite bite into that rapist peanut leh..HAHAHHAHAHAH


Mr. Goober said...

i can't believe i'm actually encouraging people to take a bite on peanuts *slaps* pod head!

..but, HAPPY PEANUTS DAY~!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...


Tell me, did you already know before 2 days ago, that's today is peanuts day? *wink wink wink*


All best wishes for the peanuts around the world!

*munching peanuts*

Anonymous said...


Mr. Goober said...

of course i was tipped off by some beauties ;) before finding out the truth about this day.

Unknown said...

I love to eat peanut! Hey, thanks for dropping by, Happy Peanut Day!!

Anonymous said...


u know? after knowing that colleague of urs, i dun really feel like to read ur words anymore...

over-kek-tiok the other day...

*shake head*


Anonymous said...

OOPS...i am anonymous

Mr. Goober said...

well, dun let my ex-colleague bother you, i heard he's been contained inside a container..although there are news about him being cloned though.

thanks for dropping by everyone, happy peanut day :)

Anonymous said...

Someone told me that 13 of Sept is also a 'Programmer Day' wonder i always heard ppl saying that programmer is getting 'peanuts' pay..sigh

Mr. Goober said...

they must've figured out the meaning of "Relativity" huh?