Monday, September 11, 2006

a real life experience about my ex-colleague

Hi, this is me writing from a real life experience that I felt must be shared with you all.

I was shocked to hear the recent news about one of my ex-colleague whom I used to work with in one of Kuching's office situated near plaza Sarawak, which is just a few kilometers away from Crowne Plaza Hotel Riverside.

Because it was very closely situated at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman's Riverside Waterfront, I always tried to avoid dangers that lurks especially in the night.

There have been cases where girls were raped at that scene, but one of the most scary thing
that happened had to be 1999's case of a 16 year old girl student who had just walked tirelessly from Kuching High to Waterfront awaiting for her boyfriend to arrive for a ride home.

At around 6pm as the sun was already mid way down the horizon, one guy wore a hat like a magician with tight gloves slipped into both his hands approached the girl in a cheerful manner, claiming he can do any types of "trick" magic at any requests.

Feeling tired and having known that it was getting late, this girl relunctantly accepted the request by telling him to bring her bf over at that instant as her "magic" wish. The guy then started to make a few magician gestures and put out his hand, revealing what looked like a marble coated with red paint.

He then told the girl to touch the round object, and she did. Suddenly red gas started to fizz itself right out from the object and before the girl knew it, it was already too late. The marble was actually coated with faint gas, the very type of gas these crooks use to make their victims feel extremely exhausted and faint quite instantly.

I need not to say what happened after that.

According to the newspapers at that time the criminal was caught 3 years after the dreadful event took place. 3 Years? it sure took a long time. I don't understand what the police were doing.

Just when I thought the whole ordeal was long gone because it has been 7 years since that event took place, I was extremely shocked to have found him reappearing again in the streets of Kuching for another time.

Recently he was spotted by the CCTV in plaza Sarawak, with a smirking smile, staring at a few more ladies near him.

I do not wish to defame him as he was one of my ex-colleague, but because his tricks are extremely dangerous, I urge you to pass around this news to prevent the horror that strike 7 years ago from happening again.

I've attached his picture from one of my friend who worked in the store where the CCTV was set. He carefully extracted the part where he held his hands onto his hat just like before, ready to trick another prey into buying his ideas again which can be found here.

Hey there sweety.. care for a magic trick?

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

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Anonymous said...


i thought who!

Anonymous said...

*pokes Goober with a pointy stick* NO MORE SPAM!

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. oh my... oh my....

now.. definitely, I will trying my best to avoid him when I see him standing in the supermarket, that's for sure :P

Anonymous said...

cheh !!
kena tipu

since this Mr Peanut is so tricky,
i gotta bite him kaw kaw when I eat peanut related products in the future :D

Anonymous said...

since when u turned into a rapist? & if u do, we do crack ur skin off. lol!

Anonymous said...


pls tell ur ex-colleague that I dun like him much! ;p

Mr. Goober said...


now always think twice before believing anything you read ;) hoaxes come like that.

and sure, i'll tell my ex-colleague about it when i see him in the stores. ;)

Anonymous said...

hmm makes me feel like eating planters peanuts...


*crunch crunch*

no wonder u wont let me near ur packet of peanuts...they are your RELATIVES & COLLEAGUES!!!

Mr. Goober said...

ja, es ist korrekt!

but planters, go ahead ;P he's been classified as a dangerous peanut.

MNG said...

Hello Mr Goober

I work around the suspected area and come to think of it, I've been seeing the suspect sitting around the ground floor of sarawak Plaza....

I'd better be careful......

*tell myself not to go Sarawak Plaza that often and must buy pepper spray*

Mr. Goober said...

yes, do be careful. He's been spotted in many more areas..some say his favourite place is the supermarket.

bring a spoon too, incase you feel the urge to scoop his ass.