Friday, January 19, 2007

Cough Cough Double Cough

...It gets on my nerve everytime I hear it. It really does.

I've been coughing for like, man, like, y'know, like, almost a month now and so, y'know, there must be something really wrong.

See, I was like, y'know, ate these crazy pills thinking they're godsend mannas;

It all started with "Let there be flu!",
and true enough, an ever flowing river of mucus came flushing down.

on the 2nd day, "Let there be atoms!",
and lo and behold, Einstein's theory became part of my medicine.
..oh, they made me fart effectively, with stereo sound.

Chicken Kit Pills from Aunty Teck
also made its appearance
during the Creation Of Ultimate Sickness. TM

..and vice versa. *

* tissue pack represents all other miscellaneous
medicine which the author has forgotten.

So what did all these do?! THEY BLOODY GAVE ME MORE COUGH!!! (minus pizzas, junk foods, soft drinks, crazy ice cream sessions)

So before I really get this

I quickly went to see another doc.

..and finally realised I was given wrong prescriptions
all the while.

Without hesitation, he handed me this.

NOW THAT's what I call a real doctor!

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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17 buzzes!:

_butt said...

anti-fungal??? LOL!

heya, get well soon there, still need to do the tag.. hehhe. well, in any case, you can skip it really :D

try chicken soup, with lots of onions. helps. :)

Mr. Goober said...

yes yes butt!! all other docs gave me those pills they normally give to a species known as 'human's', oh my oh my!!

hahaha..okay i'll do tags again..long time didn't do..although i kinda wanna kill the creators for it..wahahhaha!

Pink Cotton said...


u coughed ur lungs out?!?!!?!?

EEE must b one blahdi affair!

oooooooooo i get it...peanuts r plants so the only sickness they get are fungus???mwehehhe i m clever! 'x'

Mr. Goober said...

*clap* *clap* superb thinking pink! these days it's just so hard to find the doc who understands me

angel said...

Yo! Get well soon!

You've got a ... different sense of humour... hmmm... :P

Rest well!

Mr. Goober said...

yooo angel~!! thanks~! actually just left little cough, thoart irritation nia. Take care~

Selba said...

good to know that there just left a little cough...

u know what? usually ppl when they got cough... have sexy voice!!! hahaha

Mr. Goober said...

selba, but lol, its been almost a month! damn that cough..i'm gonna whack him silly!

i take it that..people with sorethoart would sound more sexier than those with coughs ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Cough for so long? Wow!!! Must take care well lor... don't drink cold drinks, avoid eat chicken and nuts! Another thing... get more rest! Cough and flu are no medicine can cure.

Get well soon.

Mr. Goober said...

thanks kenny!! But Yum..can't live life without chicken..maybe without nuts can lah..wahahaha!

zeroimpact said...

Hope you get well soon

Winn said...

cough can transmit thru blog or not? hahaha:P

*cough cough*..aiya.. me kena liao!

Ah Boy said...

why anti fungal?
u have candidiasis ah?
ah boy curi read about candidiasis from Chen's medical text book today

psss.. ah boy just tagged u woh :P

Chen said...

still coughing?
poor goober :(

Mr. Goober said...

thanks zeroimpact, so that i can stay fresh and edible huh?

winn, oh yes yes definitely. Few of my readers caught the cough too ;) (hmm, this means doctors have a new market?)

woof woof boy ah boy candy..wha?? is that medical term!?

chen, just sometimes when its cold..then the tape would rewind and get stuck..and rewind again! the Ahek Tape that is..

Uncle Lim said...

for a moment there i thought i wrongly click the link to the sixthseal blog.


Mr. Goober said...

lol uncle! I bet he's very interested in my anti fungal smells like cow dung, gets high easily :))