Monday, January 15, 2007

Live Journal

Well it's been one helluva long time since I last blogged so I've decided to do it naturally..

A LIVE JOURNAL for 15th January today! So i'll be updating it bits by bits until 12am midnite today..and you can finally see what in the world do I do for a living.

(The Introduction)
9:05am : I reached my office damn late, as usual. I love being late, it makes me feel more relaxed. I mean hey, the logbook is there waiting for me.."yooo, sign me please. Office starts at 8.30 you dweeb!" but I've decided to ignore it for a while.

(The 9.30 Toilet)
9.30am : Yoohoo it's time for my daily 9.30am toilet routine. What do I actually do in there? Some predicting usual bakery business, while others claiming me insanely calculating toilet papers, or go even as far as washing the toilet. Many theories came and go, but none were correct. The truth is..concealed within the toilet!

(The Surprise Attack)
10.00am : ZomG!!! My colleague planted a bomb right beside me!! It's "TARGET" - a roach killer gadget stolen from the shop..after paying money of course. I hope I won't get stuck in between and get a cracked nut case later on.

(The Solved Solutions)
11.40am : After spending the whole morning pulling out my brains, yabbering and yakking with my colleague knowingly I have no multitasking skills, I FINALLY FIGURED OUT how to solve bug 20157! Read the functional specs next time! Oh's's not wonder.

INTERLUDE : What's exactly my job? Why, Plucking grapes in the vineyard of course! Translated - I'm some crazy peanut looking at fuzzy monitors, plucking out codes and whack 'em silly till the program works. Does that sound more un-goober-yii now?

(The Necessity)
2.00pm : Lunch ended. Out of the random picks of the day, chicken rice was chosen as part of today's live journal. I repeat, chicken rice. What? no it's not gonna be "well I needed them cause I had to fly to work" kinda stuff but it so happens that a stall just opened recently, and I've just got to try it. No reviews, cause it sucks.

(The Mysterious Message)
3.45pm : A premonition!? my left eyelid was trembling for almost 5 minutes. I'm getting the message..I'm..I-I'm..I'm gonna be pregnant. Luckily I didn't stare at any girls, they'd think I'm winking like some sorta whore, with bunch of saliva coming down.

(The Cell Of Death)
5.00pm : "Ja~! Sì~! Yah!! YES!!! 5 PEE EM!! *microsoft windows shut down chimes*~!!!" and shutter doors ke-ke-ring in a slamming action! *BUT* We're still here working, slavering away in a locked room, with electronic wires poking right into our space helmets, locked in eternity.

(The Life Of Unclassified)
6.05pm : By now we could only hear chromosome XPX typing away after those normal XX and XY left. We're mutants, with the ability to work under "crunch mode", always surviving through bad times. We're often deserted, thrown inside a dark room; given only dried crackers to chew on, all inside Jacob branded tins - with the exception, the crackers inside are actually unbranded from another pack.

(The Ray Of Hope)
6.38pm : "Brothers and sisters! The hour has come to riot!"; we roared as freedom fighters and quickly shoved ourselves near to the exit - and suddenly, "HEy dweeb, you forgot to sign me, the log book!" ... uh, needless to say, the log book finally got what he wanted. A SCRATCH OF MY NAME!

(The Uncertain Moment)
8.45pm :
Now now..a nice warm bath and what's next?! Usually I'd had to connect my computer to my office, and begin slavery once more but today - YES TODAY, there shall be no more! So should I start writing stories on DreamWeb since it looks abandoned?! Or should I just enjoy myself with archie comic books..or go button mashing with my gameboy micro which I've forgotten to blog about many eons ago?

(The Last Revival)
11.35pm : Oops I did it again! After gulping down a book of archie comic I decided to give myself a short 5 minutes nap and...yeap, I just woke up abruptly, blurly visions of dancing peanuts right infront of my eyes. Well I should be given some credits, back in the college days I would've woke up only in the morning, only to find out myself still in my jeans!

At least it makes me very easy to say this...
And this concludes Mr.Goober's live journal for 15th of January, 2007!

Hey, oh no..what's that?! I'm seeing 3 lightbulbs floating around in the skies!! It's...IT'S THEM!


"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

Now bearer of loom, weaver of dreams;
Come visit me also in Dream Web.

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Uncle Lim said...

Happy new year man ...
time to dust your table and be prepare to abandon ship. :)

Mr. Goober said...

abandoning ship in 10+ more days *beep* *beep* *beep*. Then another new ocean to keep me warm.

angel said...

I'll tell you end of today... ;)

Mr. Goober said...

yoyoyo angel~!!
whatcha gonna tell me end of today?? that they're really three of you inside you?? :P

Pink Cotton said...

wah...finally a 'personal' post about you?hehehe

Uncle Lim said...

this morning i wanted to tell you something but i forgot... now i remember it ....

"Look Goober, up in the sky.... it's a bird ... no .... it's plane ... no ... it's bad management". :)

Mr. Goober said...

yes pinkcotton, everyone bloggers needs to reveal something sometimes ;) HEe hee..not that I always do it anyways!

uncle, shhh.... *hides inside the pod

Selba said...


9.30 am
I can't believe that you are able to bake cake in the "public toilet"
I guess men are more daring!!! LOL

pssstttt.. isn't that taking the office time? :D

_butt said...

LOL@ Selba's public toilet!

Sounds like one of those happening days you've had to me.. welcome back! :D

Ray of hope got me laughing big time. I imagined you guys fight your way to the exit on who should go first and all that.. then whoever got out first would shot their hands up in the air and screamed 'I'm the champion!!!' or something. you know, like kids. hehehe.

ps: had chicken rice too today! same same. tasted bleurgh. :P

Mr. Goober said...

lol selba~~ hey, of coz! especially if it's an emergency..Just pray that you're lucky enough to have a good toilet when that time comes X)

BuTT! hahaha..well we do rush out whenever someone wants to lock the door..nobody wants to lock it! So you could imagine us rushing like a stampede.

I really don't understand why so many ppl can go wrong with chicken, it's just a simple thing!! *promises to eat chicken rice only at familiar places now on.

_butt said...

how chicken rice go wrong? that the chickens are still umm.. well alive??

Mr. Goober said...

hahah butt I meant that chicken rice are such simple thing to prepare, just whack a dead chicken and prepare it with tasty rice! simple, yet some stalls just can't make a good one, like what I had today /_\

angel said...

Haha! 3 of me? In fact, someone DID say that he saw three of me... one, a blogger... two, a YM chatter... three, me the person... hmmm...

U are so smart... :)

Sooooo... are you a comic writer??? haha...

_butt said...

easy! open your very own chicken rice stall! just next to them!! muahahaha

ok, I'm spamming here. better stop.

FireHorse said...

Eh Peanut, it wasn't my stall right? I din see you cambing to eat so must be some other person's "chow chicken rice". Serve you right for eating at someone else's place, next time dun fool around when it comes to chicken rice, OK?

Mr. Goober said...

wahlau angel..
i...i can't believe it...i really guessed it?? huhuhuhuh?
*lol* well no im no comic writer..;P where did you read this?!!?

like how butt, "Steaming Peanut Flavored Chicken Rice",
sold at RM3.99 each, with discounted price of RM1 coupon
printable from ?? :)))

yesyes firehorse!! I shall goto your stall only liao
next time..I've learned my lessons.. :P but rmemeber
to chia me..hehehe

_butt said...

oh yes! perfecto!! add this: whoever link you up at their blogs would get their second purchase of steaming peanut flavored chicken rice FREE!! LOLOLOL!

FireHorse said...

Peanut boy, how many times must tell you at my kopitiam, kopi awes free wan, sometime if you kwai kwai (good) chicken rice oso free.

Ah Boy said...

ah boy wanna eat "Steaming Peanut Flavored Chicken Rice"

Chen said...

wondering how a pregnant peanut looks like :P

refering to "The Last Revival"...
should it be 11.35 pm or issit 11.35am as what u typed? :P
I really see 3 light bulbs floating in the sky liao

Redsponge said... the The Uncertain Moment...enjoy those moment the most!

Mr. Goober said...

_butt, are you hinting me?? hahahaha,
but seriously though..peanut flavored chicken rice?!
i'd rather munch on ice cream with shredded nuts :)~~

slurp firehorse...where..where..are in in kch..
i must go there to have these freebies!! yum!!
do i get to eat thigh meat??

ahboy, maybe if you ask chen, she might wanna
make some for u.. woff woof!!

hahaha chen..a pregnant peanut, are those
peanuts with three nuts inside, seen anyone
of us? ;)

OH ya hoh..thanks for ur in the world
did I miss that???

eh eh redsponge, everyday like that will get bored
u know! that's why i accidentally fell asleep again.

Winn said...

err!...*scratch head*.....

canot eat peanut at work!

Mr. Goober said...

winn, errr...
*scratch head*