Saturday, January 27, 2007

The 27th January

Last night, I had a very weird dream!

Can you actually believe this?!

In the dream, I was one goddamn human!
Doing some sort of programming job, whacking those
silly little keys each day for almost 3 years like
a mad man.

I had my up..

..and downs.

It was both a joyous and disastrous ride.

....until finally, I decided to move on with life.

I now leave behind a great team of people.

..and it shall be cherished, always.

*poof* I woke up after that and found myself still,
a silly little peanut~!

What was that dream all about?!

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

Now bearer of loom, weaver of dreams;
Come visit me also in Dream Web.

29 buzzes!:

Chen said...

catch no balls..
u wanna resign wah?

Uncle Lim said...

that was a sweet dedication man ... thanks a lot.

zeroimpact said...

I'm confused
Time to change and move on?

Mr. Goober said...

chen and zeroimpact, hahaha, well it's a dream, so it could mean anything ;) or's not?

groovy unclelim, you seem to know what i was talking about :P! hi5!

Uncle Lim said...

yeah hi5 ... dude..

tiramisusu said...

Yoohoo~~I finally made it here! :P Hmmm..was it about Goober's very weird dream came true? And I seeing a pink cutcut in your mouth? Hahaha!!!

FireHorse said...

Very impressed, the peanut can draw.

angel said...

Weird dream? Hmm.. not really arr...

Did someone say Pink something?? O.o

Winn said...

u are a smart peanut! and yummy sumore lehh....

Mr. Goober said...

unclelim,are u one of them inside?? ;)

wah! tiramisusu, first time see u here!!
crazy little dream hoh?? incase it came true,
oh i'll be so sad ;P. See, i finally know how
to express it.

thanks firehorse~. But it does look a little
out of paiseh. Oh yes, if you're interested,
you could see tags under "comic", which contains
well..comics for laughs ;) haven't been drawing

angel, imagining myself as a human being..
that's weird enough for me!! I can't believe it..
I've grown legs..ooohh yuck!!

and um..Pink Cucuk.. = Pink Pacifier..LOL :P
my secret item.

winn! you are one smart apple,
and yummy sumore ;) hahaha

Chen said...

Hehehe.. so, that is your pink pacifier? My guess is correct then :P

But errrr.. I tot peanut will suck finger instead of pacifier?

Selba said...

Whoaaaaa... your drawing so impressive liao!!!

Can draw my dream or not? but I even don't know what's my dream this morning, hehehe...

Mr. Goober said...

chen lol...if you meant the picture..nooo there isn't any pink pacifier around!! thats my mouth.
Hmm, which gives me an idea..i should draw myself with pacifiers.

ahahaha selba, thanks~ but you know lah..i don't really draw just a peanut :)) u wan me to draw ur dreams as kacangs??

Redsponge said...


u r the one sitting on the left! ;p

Mr. Goober said...

respondge, is that your final answer?! ..*drum* jawapannya, selepas commercial ini!

Redsponge said...


_butt said...


that was YOU, wasn't it? spill, spill, spill!! :P :P

Mr. Goober said...

butt!! lol..
noo..noo..that's not me..noope, no! hahahahaha..:D

Pink Cotton said...



i refuse to comment anything at this point of time...for further details pls contact my agent


Mr. Goober said...

pinkcotton, hah? contact agents of the dream ka?

Kenny Ng said...

nice drawing indeed.

Mr. Goober said...

thanks kenny~!

Selba said...

I really like your "team of people" drawing... would you draw me, pleaaaasssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... *puppy eyes*

Mr. Goober said...

lol selba, are you serious??? i can't really draw exactly..but more if you're serious, :P

kyh said...

oh so kawaii sial ur peanuts! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Mr. Goober said...

hello there kyh! Thanks for your kind comments, I shall be visiting soon! Muahahhaha.

papercrazy said...

kuddos Goober

Life is about moving on, is it not???

Anyway, your human being is holding on to a bolster???

Selba said...

*digging pictures*

Uhmmm... which one to send? hehehehe

Mr. Goober said...

papercrazy, ah..yes. A scent of past, but a memory it shall be!

selba, lol~! the easiest of course!!