Monday, January 29, 2007

The 5 Memorable..Oh, First Time

Wahaha, here is another one of those posts caused by a tag from none other than Ah Boy the cute little sausage without buns!

In today's challenge..I'm suppose to list down 5 memorable First Time events so here we go;

1. When I got my first PC - (yawn to girls) but was a snazzy 286 pc with only 16 colors and *gasp* - blazing hot speed of 10Mhz processor!! I didn't know how to use it at first..for a year I only managed to boot the comp, press number 9 or 10 for the games, and directly switch off the power once done! I was a console gamer ma ;)

2. When I first stepped into secondary school, first time wearing long pants, my uniform. I still remember that day, it was drizzling with rain, with me slowly walking into the corridor..first person I met? My crush from primary school! Oh shy me, I think I blushed like a carpet that day.

3. When I won "Best Conductor Award" during my heydays in secondary school. That was it, sitting inside the whole crowd of choral speaking competitors, suddenly hearing my name was one of the greatest moment! I couldn't believe it..sob sob!! Till this day it's still somewhere around my room ;)

4. When I met up with all my primary school mates ..5 years after graduation, I was in form 4. That was the sweetest moment, imagine everyone so different after those silly years..of coz I'm talking about how beautiful the girls have become, and how keng the guys have changed into..whew, and to have found my best bud I've lost since the day I left primary school! Ah...I wish I had a handphone at that time so we all could keep in touch still.

5. And finally.....when I received my first salary! When people were still young they used to see their parents go poking out monies from those robotic atm machines that seemed to yak until you pull their tongue out. Now, you'll have a totally different feel when it's from you yourself..... for those who can't wait to feel it right this instance, smash your filthy little piggy bank and rob her off her cutesy face!! MUAHAhahahahaa!!

i'm tagging butt!!
and also, fatty poh's kopi tiam is now under the curse of this tag!

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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14 buzzes!:

FireHorse said...

Aiyah you peanut boy, yunno I so old ady cannot run fast fast, easy to tag.

Mr. Goober said...

Hahahaha firehorse, like that kan fun?? tagging makes ppl think deeply what really happened in their lives!

Chen said...

ah boy becomes a cute little sausage?

The day receiving my first salary is the most "syiok" time... my own hard earned $$$, but too bad I only received the first salary after working for 2 months.. one lump sum loh.. I supposed that happens to most of gov servants? :)

FireHorse said...

True, true, no problem, I slowly work on it and make you proud OK?

_butt said...

so do you still manage to keep in touch with your primary school mates? :D

waseh.. didn't know mr.peanut can be so violent!! :P (refer to no.5)

haha.. tag revenge backfired!! wahahaha~~

angel said...

Interesting First Times... which reminds me of my tag... aiyaks...

U a bus conductor?

kyh said...

mr peanut secondary times so geng one ah??? *respect*

salary! toking about salary, am getting mine soon! yippie!!! cheers for end of month and the beginning of a new month! *yum seng*

Mr. Goober said...

hehe chen, he's a sausage dog right??

im not too sure...but i haven't seen em
putting all into two months leh....maybe
ur pay too high ah?? slurp..double
syiok when ur first was 'doubled' >:)

firehorse - no problemno~! have your own
sweet time like how i always treat tags..

sob butt, thats why i said..i wish i
had a mobile phone that time..i was chatting
and yakking with them halfway through the night
and suddenly my dad came and pick me up..
forgotten to get their contact!!!!!!! since then,
lost contact again..doh!

ahaha..isn't that what cartoons teach us??
smash the piggy bank!!!

thanks angel! hmm..i think i didn't read it that time u were still in heaven and
i was in hell..8)

yaya ..bus conductor, not bad hoh?? collected 10
tickets each day and finally won an award...not! ;P

kyh! welcome welcome again.
Where got keng??? it just depends..when i was
in secondary skool, i told myself...i should join
lots of clubs/activities to meet ppl..that happens
to be one of it..:) and i never regretted!

maybe when u get ur first salary..can tell us about
it yea!

Pink Cotton said...

i think ah boy is miniature sth sth ...hehe

but now taht u r talking abt sausages..mmMmMmMmMMM


Mr. Goober said...

pinkcotton, well he looked like a sausage dog in the screenshot..not too sure if he's good enough to be fit inside the buns though

Kenny Ng said...

1st PC was 286? Cool leh... I missed that era's PC la... look big and tough.

Ah Boy said...

ah boy is not sausage dog lah
ah boy is miniature pinscher aka min pin :)
The cute & adorable little Min Pin

Dun fit ah boy inside bun :(

Redsponge said...

*wave wave*

hallo...PP! cincai blush! ;p

Mr. Goober said...

yeah kenny, imagine have to play golden axe for 4 hours plus just so i can finish it..while on a pentium 60, 15 minutes!

ahboy, wah! ok pin pin!! now thats what i'll call you ;P

redsponge hello in there~!
i see u also blush ma...see, you're a red sponge.