Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sambal Belacan Fish.. and the challenge!

Looking for a good weekend to catch some fishes while your partners are away?

Then prepare your rods (oh) and cast the baits into one of our loved local delights of;

Sambal, Belacan Fish - A delicious aquatic food sizzled to perfection. Mixed with a generous amount of (you guessed it) sambal and belacan toppings, covered with aromatic pandan leaves and finally smoked till it is cooked, fishes will never be the same again.

The cohesive smell of being both bitter and sweet found within these juicy fish meat will surely mean they'll be finished up in no time.

Yes, it had to happen.

I swear I didn't suspect anything, was just there enjoying my food when suddenly I got a call from WildLife Warriors WorldWide (WWW) at around 10.30pm.

A recap on the dialogue;

WWW.Johnson : " Hi, is this Mr. Goober? "

Mr.Goober :
", this is the Fish Master. "

WWW.Johnson : " fish master my ass, you've been found guilty of fish slaughtering, and will therefore be charged under section 401 of WWW's ((Fishes in Paradise)) which clearly documented the important guidelines on how not to execute innocent aquatic existance. "

Mr.Goober : " oh, oh hey! are you the one who created the World Wide Web? Hey you see I've got a bug report that I think you should- "

* I got interrupted before I could even finish. Gee.

WWW.Johnson : " WildLife Warriors WorldWide! Now no more hankey pankey or you'll be roasted like a peanut! "

Mr.Goober : " Hey! I resent that! "

WWW.Johnson : " Just because Steve Irwin got bitten by a stingray doesn't mean you have to kill the fishes too! "

Mr. Goober : " wha?? I thought you guys only care bout those crocodiles, y'know, CRICKEY! "

WWW.Johnson : " xxxxx.. xxxx!! XXXX XX x, XXXX Xxxx!!!!!!!!!! "

Mr. Goober : " yy.. y y y.. Y.. Yy Yy! YYYY Yyyy Yyy!! "

We both cursed and smacked each other, but finally his nokia 3100's battery
went flat.

As I couldn't understand what the hell we were both talking about at that time,
I knew I had no one else to turn to but to pray... pray for the well being of the fish I just ate.

*POOF*, then it appeared - A shining light bulb shown with a heavenly glow made a sudden appearence and what sounded like a voice from the highest heavens manifested itself clearly to me with a wispher; "Reconstruct."

"Reconstruct???" - *puffed*..sisss.* *.... the bulb melted as I stared again at the fishy leftovers.

.. then it all came clear to me. I had to clean my hands up as I knew the final hour has come for me to finally venture into, the lost skill that I once left behind, the mind blogging, tooth-jiggling and body shivering skill to enter.................

The Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

Without hestitation, I visualised those naked bodies (of a fish, of course!), from ground up and tried my best to shape them all up with what I had. With sweat trickling down my pod, these secret ingredients were prepared ;

1. The Claudal Fins

surely they need these to swim again!

2. The Spinal Cord

most important part,
the one part that rules them all.

3. The Dorsal Fins

hi I'm Fin, Dorsal Fin.


4. The Fish Head

every village needs a head!
you got that right, bubba.

5. And some glue, *Koff* Sambal Belacan

to paste 'em all up of course!

Once everything's mixed up, I took a deep breath and
prepared myself..


" The Reconstructed Fish "
2006 (c) Mr. Goober.

uh oh, did you just hear the phone ring?

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

10 buzzes!:

Chen said...

home-cooked food is still the best ;)
summore.. sambal belachan...

Err.. I never knew we can play jigsaw puzzle with the leftover bones & body parts. I learnt something new today ;)

Pink Cotton said...


i dont believe it!!
the reconstructed fish looks un-reconstructed...except for the fact that.....well.....its now fleshless...

Mr. Goober said...

well, I couldn't resist the urge to reconstruct the bones. They're fun lots, folks :)

redsponge said...


ur blog is very interesting..ho?

yikes...u must be very hao lian now!

I prefer stingray...'x'!!

Kenny Ng said...

Oh!!! I love to eat fish! ur post makes me hungry now...
Fish also u make it jigsaw puzzle ah? Terra la u...


This post reminds me of Lafu Rojak!

Mr. Goober said...

stingrays?? hahahha..okay, i like em but they got some kinda smell..weird, funny, smell.

hohoho..i saw the parts still could fit together, so why not have some fun while you're at it??

and hmm..Lafu Rojak?
i didn't know the "oh chio" fish i took looked like that...a synthetic rubber fish?? Doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

papercrazy said...

Message from Mothers' Association "Did we not teach the kids not to play with their food??????"

Selba said...


this is very funny!!!
What a great laugh in the morning :D

Mr. Goober said...

yes you solved the riddle!! the next call was actually from my parents!

and thanks selba :P.