Saturday, February 03, 2007


"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

Now bearer of loom, weaver of dreams;
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_butt said...

chappati chup!! :D

vacationing ala peanut style? :P :P forget about airasia, this way certainly saves a lot! LOLOLOL..

well, it seems that he looked kinda sea sick there.. hahaha

FireHorse said...

You oso going away for holiday ah peanut?

Chen said...

give tat poor peanut one tablet of cinnarazine & maxolon.. since he looks like sea sick & wanna puke liao :P

poor kacang :D

Mr. Goober said...

chappati chup??
sounds like charlie brown's music!!

butt, Ahahaha, oh no :P
seems like everyone here misunderstood..
it's a symbolic representation of
what i'm currently facing right now!!
..and that's not traveling~!

hee hee!

firehorse, hello again mama~!
not now not now..:) maybe sometime
later is trapped inside a bottle..
thrown into the sea..confused..and
oh horror!!

chen, yes yes..i need those
whats-their-name tables to help me
ease my pain..sob sob..can u be
my doc??

angel said...

u currently trap in botol ka? ei, how u get into the botol the first place? u bluff... dun tell me u 'squeezed' thru THAT botol? o.O

Selba said...


vacation ala peanut.... make sure not sinking in the salty water, or it becomes perfect for the snack.

Mr. Goober said...

yes angel, have to ask the creators of these 'ship-in-the-bottle' how they manage to put me in ;)

selba, wah..salty steamed peanuts ka??

Redsponge said...

hheheh...*pat pat*

transition period...u will adapt to it soon! Have fun!

Mr. Goober said...

thanks spongy redsponge ol' friend!

gotta think of a way to get out of the bottle..and of coz, to find an island!!

_butt said...

muaahaha.. looks like I manage to mislead everyone hehehe

hmm, a symbolic meaning to represent that you're simply away (from blogging) or feeling trapped? :P

kyh said...

haaaa..... dat kacang's expression damn funny!

eh... dream web is oso urs? why hv 2 blogs one? so weird...

Mr.Goober said...

hahaha butt, well i actually moved onto a new job, so i'm kinda confused, feel as though thrown inside the sea, trapped inside a bottle thus - the sea sick look too.

kyh! wanna look like that?? Step 1, trap self inside bottle. Step 2, let wash basin's tap water running.
Step 3, must double check that you have two nuts.

well..dreamweb...unforetunately i haven't been really able to update it, it's a collection of my dreams that i think can be made into a drama. Stay tuned!

_butt said...

ahh.. the sink or swim situation.. takes time, you'll make it eventually.. :D

FireHorse said...

Eh you look a bit green peanut boy, sea sick ah? When reach land, come over I make ginger tea for you to soothe your nausea.

Mr. Goober said...

thanks butt ol' pal..i'll send you a letter of my achievement once i manage to find an island;p

firehorse, yaa, can can..although i turn more green when i eat herbs :P

Pink Cotton said...

WOOO...i hope u don get sea sick!

have a nice cruise on the sea!!


Mr. Goober said...

pinkcotton, woohoo~~!
too bad they don't serve airasia's nasi goreng inside here

Angele said...

I just heard on the news today that some people found a "peanut in a bottle" on the north shore of Mauritius island!!! *shocked*
It was YOU!!!!!

Mr. Goober said...

oh wow angele, why'd you let it out that i was finding a good spot for vacation?? clear waters, sandy beach..ah, this is life *laughs*

Kenny Ng said...

may ur dream come true... LOL

FireHorse said...

Peanut if you stay in the bottle any longer you'll start to grow mold yunno?

Winn said...

wat happened to the peanut?????????

come back! i wanna eat u!!! :P

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

FireHorse said...

Helloooo peanut, where ever you are......Happy Valentine Day!!!

FireHorse said...
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Mr. Goober said...

kenny, dream of climbing out from the bottle or dream of reaching an island full of babes??

firehorse yooooo and a happy happy valentine's day to you too..gonna get lots of roses and pressies hor?

winn long time no see lor, how have your apple been? now you should change into roses liao since it's V day ;)