Monday, February 26, 2007

life goes on, in silent winds

I remember those timeless moments when I used to drive my grand pa and grand ma mad, and got myself whacked for being such a silly little child.

I used to think it was hatred, and tried to be more rebellious the more they wanted to stop me.

Then as the years yonder by, I stopped for a moment to ponder on every instances that ever happened between us. Good and bad times. It was always very easy for me to talk, and feel them, for many, many years.

... until my grand ma passed away, 2 years ago.

Life can never be the same again.

I never really had a chance to repay all the things that she've done for me, and all the hardship she had to go through.

I guess it was even more damaging to my grand pa, having lost someone who went through together all those years of courtship, marriage and parenthood.

Constantly fighting to see all his children and grand children, for every little while longer.

.. but he too, has left us.

These days, occasionally visiting my grand pa's house brings back those cheerful memories, though it seemed blank now without them. Every corner of the house I would see images of the past, constantly playing in the background.

But if a piece of a picture is gone, you're left only with your imagination to depend on.

I yearn for those happy moments of our lives, when we didn't had to worry what will happen tomorrow.

Like the very flowers that bloom to perfection, they too must wither one day, and become part of the soil, giving life to new ones.

I guess life goes on..

....but maybe, just maybe, we'll all meet again someday.

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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Pink Cotton said...

sob sob :(

very good n heart wrenching writing here :P

memories are all that matters now and memories will remain forever in our hearts :)

angel said...


Ashes to ashes... dust to dust...

An entry that touches the soul, Mr. Goober... :)
Can hug u?
*looks at PC*
*giggles softly*

Chen said...

Your grandpa & grandma will always be with you in your memories and in your heart.
Can I hug u too? :)

kyh said...

so touching!

*tumpang to sob*

someday we'll definitely meet again... :)

papercrazy said...

That's life Goober...

Nothing is certain in life except death and everyone of us will experience that one day

Don't be so dishearten about the passing. I'm sure your grandparents are happier where they are now...

Mr. Goober said...

yeah pink, this is how it's gonna be.
at least there're still memories left, instead
of total blank no?

angel, lol~!! hug hug!
reminded me of a comedy i once wrote after
my seconday school on counterstrike,
maybe i'll post it on someday ;P but it's
way too long!

yeah of course chen, guys girls all welcome~!!
free hugging session, no strings attached WOHOOO!~ :P

kyh, you don't wanna hug me kah?

yeah papercrazy, the final rest in piece.
it's like, i was there looking at the other grave
when my grandma first passed away, and now they're

Kenny Ng said...

What a touching story. Your grandpa n grandma always be with u, life goes on, that's circle of life, we'll face it in future too.

FireHorse said...

Often I wish we could turn back the hands of time. It's moments like these that I feel an ache that makes me miss our departed ones so very much.

Mr. Goober said...

hahaha yeap yeap kenny, its just so scary to think about that day..i mean our own day..what in the world will we see at that time?

firehorse true true..
i guess everyone would think that too.."if only we could turn back time". but its times like these that prompt us to be stronger and move on..

_butt said...

a touching entry indeed. reminds us that life gets fragile every day. but memories won't.. :) ahh, the irony of it.

loved the sunset pic. very nostalgic.

Mr. Goober said...

thanks buttie~!!

who knows maybe one day we'll all depend on the world of Matrix, brains plugged into computers reliving the past.

oh Well!

kyh said...

U want me to hug meh? *brokeback*

Nanti PC will belasah the hell out of me lo... :P

Selba said...

*BIG teddy bears HUGS*

Uncle Lim said...

I'm up for the hug .. anyone want to hug me ? :D

Uncle Lim said...

Btw goober, is this one of your attempts to save your kins from becoming peanut butter-ed ? --> Rescue Effort

Mr. Goober said...

muahahah kyh, on 2nd thought....

thanks selba~ how's that cat merchandise thingy going??

unclelim, lol, yeah probably! it's hte only way to get the message across -- "Appreciate The Goobers"

Wayne said...

from ashes we be, to ashes we go.
although he left, but there's still happiness in his afterlife.
Yeah, we miss our grandma & grandpa and keeping these memories will always remind us of our childhood wannabe. wahoo! cherios!

Mr. Goober said...

yeah wayne, part of growing up :)

angele said...

Very touching post :)

My grandma passed away last November and whenever I go to her house now,it feels weird.It's so empty...and somehow sad.

But the memories are there and I know someday we shall all meet again :)