Friday, February 23, 2007

der desk top tag's really been killing me.

Taken out most of my time, really. I can hear it now, somewhere inside my brain there's a vibrating woofer going "ALL YOUR BASES ARE BELONG TO US -- MUAHAHAHAHA!!"


So before I really go kaput from blogosphere,
here's a duhhh tag from pinkcotton and kyh, I mean, printing out desktops!? Someone must be reallllly busy sitting in a corner of a dark room, hicupping nonestop right about now.

(click on picture for a larger view)

...what's next, Draw Your Own Face on Desktop Tag?!

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12 buzzes!:

_butt said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... what a mind blowing, breathtaking wallpaper!!! so powerful can blow your clothes off!!! (quote from LB)

blue is always nice. :)

Mr. Goober said...

hehehe butt, bunch of kagaya cg gallery..i love em since young! it's always bright, colorful and suitable to become wallpapers

kyh said...

wah.... so blue... so watery (reminds me of flood :P)... so breathtaking... so fantasy...

nice nice nice!

and the smiley face on ur desktop is nice! kkk

next time wud definitely tag u more...kkkkkk

angel said...

Wowie! Love your Blue Blue Tei desktop! Really cool! Makes me feel blue too! But the "good" blue lar.. haha...

Yes! Yes! Draw your face on the Desktop! I wanna seeeee! KKKKKK!

OK, faster come back for the next tag, okay?? :D

Mr. Goober said...

kyh, so you noticed the face ;P theres another easter egg!! i'm gonna tag till you faint next time...*wicked laugh*

yeaaa angel, like i's kagaya know those jigsaw puzzles that looks really nice like my wallpaper? i *think* i have most of them..except for new ones!

p/s: got leh..drawn

FireHorse said...

Nice desktop I like it, oso why everybody got lotsa icons except me, I must go put more icons then can appear smarter hor?

Winn said...

wahhhhh hahaha u surely can draw!! nice lehhhhh

*me chewing pagoda peanuts now* .hhahha happy cny. me stil on my break until next tues leh:P

Mr. Goober said...

firehorse, like that can meh?? i thought more icons means = less organised. I try not to cramp it,i love spacious spaces;)

hehehe winn, that was a long break..but ur comic was funny so the post could last long enuf ;)

kyh said...

wei since u r peanut... peanut oil got cholestrol or not???

Selba said...

A very nice desktop wallpaper!!! It feels so like in Final Fantasy world? LOL

whoaaaa.. you really got many icons there!!!

Mr. Goober said...

kyh, have to ask my manufacturer boh. wahahaha.

selba, ya..cantik cantik...i love these digitized backgrounds..makes me feel relaxed.

and of course..not all icons are true ;)

Redsponge said...

hmmm got sims2 wo...

can play with ur pc next time ;p