Saturday, March 03, 2007

Red Spot District

"You're facing Anaphylaxis." said the doctor.

"Anafer wha???"; my mouth left dangling wide open in the air when I heard that.

"Anaphylaxis, try using that word in Yahoo."

"It's allergy." smirked the freaking doc who couldn't bother using layman's term for dumbasses like me.

----- But i've never had an allergic attack in my whole goobering life!

This really baffles me. It's been 3 days since it last happened, I started getting red spots all over; "mosquitoes bites" I thought smartly, worrying no more.

Then the next day, more reddish spots came up, and I thought hey, "stupid mosquitoes, so you've got friends now? Drink till ya'll kaboomb!"

Today? ZOOMEd right into doc's cozy place and got myself an injection! I certainly wouldn't wanna get killed by allergies, no sirree!

But I kept thinking, *with fingers holding chin*, Who are my prime suspects?

Was it...

... a horde of these flying insects mercilessly sucking out blood from my poles?!

....or perhaps it's those lifeless prawns with salads I've eaten on thursday?

and maybe its that new jean I bought
a month ago that's been acting up?!
NOPE! I do wash them frequently leh.

or blemish control facial crap I started using
since Friday?!

I also did suspect this..

The small but deadly dust-mites hidden under our favourite
beds, blankets and pillows.

Gee, I even wondered if it was the blanket itself.

(Poor fella, must've been an Anaphylaxis attack)

Beats me..I can spend my whole night thinking
about it -but- one thing's for certain..

..I'm just glad these aren't the ones causing it!

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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angel said...

Oh dear, you poor thing!

*brings calamine lotion*

Wah wah... face wash... wot canggih brand is that?? Champne___??

Get well soon!

_butt said...

hahaha.. i duno if i'm the only one finding it funny but dude, you never fail to crack me up!! lol

woops. not supposed to be laughing at people when they're sick.. *clears throat* yes, sorry, don't mind me.

hey, get well soon ya! :D

_butt said...

btw i just googled up that anaphylaxis.. apparently it's a life threatening allergic reaction.. says that some people might pass out too.. gulp.

Chen said...

Poor Goober. Is tat someone taking care of u? :) Hope u have some anti histamine tablets with u. Can always pop in a tablet with u feel itchy. But dun scratch the red spot woh... the scratching might cause secondary infection.

Butt very hardworking.. google the terminology anaphylaxis. Yeah, it's a more severe allergic reaction.

Mr. Goober said...

calamine lotion angel??
alchoholic minerals?? i'm never good
at these stuffs :P

and...LOL..i lazy to take pic of real
stuffs so I just googled..all pics on
that posts were SNATCHED mercilessly!

LOL butt, I'll take that as
a sincere compliment (nose high in the air).

Hmm, well i ever heard about allergies
killing innocent lives though, so I wouldn't
wanna take the risks..but can't the doc
just use an easier word :P Funny thing is..
I really never had any allergy. Baffles me.
Very g-files.

chen, nyahahaha chen, infact you
should be the one taking care of me since
you're a doc!

Hista wha ?? allergic tablets? yeah well
i didn't wanna scratch since it left some
scars there initially..

it's so funy..the doc didn't eevn bother
askign me about my history..or take time to
look properly!

Selba said...

OH NO....!!!!

peanut can get allergy??? If I eat that kind of peanut, will I get contaminated????

ps: get well soon, ok :)

Mr. Goober said...

you can always try selba, buy a jar of peanut and leave it there for 2 years, then come back and have a few munch :))


Pink Cotton said...

hope ur boot2 is doing fine


watch wat u r sitting on now...*chuckle*

Redsponge said...

hmmm...poor u...remind me of Bulat having rashes all over after eating the half-boiled egg!

Take care!

p.s: maybe you should ask someone to cook you porridge! ;p Mwhehehehe...patient should take porridge ma!

_butt said...

well, now you know you have allergy.. gota be careful next time.. ;) maybe you should go for checkup to know what could've triggered that allergy reaction..

in the mean time, have someone to cook porridge for you la hehehe

papercrazy said...

poor peanut...ain't gonna eat peanuts with spots..

Hope you are getting better...Any mosquitoes attack of late??

Mr. Goober said...

pinkcotton, ass is now fully healed thank you ;P but it made me lump around when i walked!

yeah yeah redsponge, why not you cook for me leh?? hahaha..i idnd't know half boiled eggs can also cause allergy?

butt i doubt it..unless the doc's willing to have a long session with me going through the list of things i came in contact with those few days..:P

hehehehe papercrazy, peanuts with spots are better than ikan pusu with lizards 8D

papercrazy said...

Hahahaha...... a good one, goober

Is cashew nut related to you too? I'm munching away your relatives now.

munch munch

Mr. Goober said...

yeah papercrazy, all living things that has the word "nut" in it are considered my fellow brethens..including those that went nuts!

Redsponge said...

hehehehehe or u wan more lui cha? HA HA HA!

FireHorse said...

Oh my poor peanut, did you by any chance change laundry detergent or use new soap? But sometimes allergies comes and goes, do be careful tho until you find the culprit. Do a little "deduction" yourself by process of elimination, cut down to bare basics then slowly add in one item at a time, might help you identify what the cause is. Take care.

Mr. Goober said...

redsponge, HAHAHAha..THANKS :P gotta get used to those stuff..*ahek**ahek*

firehorse, the only thing i changed was my facial product..but my face would've rotten if it was the cause! hahaha :P thanks anyways!

_butt said...

No need la.. you just need to do a simple test and you'll get the result within less than 15 mins. No kidding. I duno what is it called but I guess Doc Chen would know.. :D

Mr. Goober said...

i can see it now butt, in a dark chamber full of electrical wires plugging into my small brain...

on each flick of the switch I'll scream "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" whilst the room continued to flash in strong motion!


kyh said...

i dunno i got allergy or not... think yes...

sometimes my hands or legs get pretty itchy... and i js cudnt resist to scratch! and voila... more spots! KKK!

so r u healed now???

*NEW AGE WARNING! dun consume infected goobles!*

FireHorse said...

Are you okay now my peanut boy? Sorry my kopitiam got nothing that can help you dis time, if you fever or sumthin at least I can bring leng teh (cold tea) :o(

_butt said...

*no eye see*

seriously though, go for patch test. all stated here haha.. me so rajin to googled it up :P

Mr. Goober said...

hahaha kyh, try buying those cream or powder from pharmacies to stop your addiction to scratching lor~

seems okay firehorse , but just yesterday it seem to have started for a day only...NOW i'm really thinking of that weird blemish control facial crap i've bought!

buitt!!! it all seems like CSI now ..:P whoah!!

Chen said...

time to get out from the red light district liao... oops, i mean red spot district ;)

btw, u r TAGGED :D