Thursday, January 03, 2008

Year 2008 Resolution : Learning Language


Me le ne Mr. Goober.
Ti kanete? Ime hortofaghos...

Apo pou eisai?
Signomi!!!! Thelo ena poto. Yemiste to, Parakalo.
Efhari sto.

Signomi! Mi la te Angli ka? OK!

Afta, efharisto, a di o!

.... man, I never knew Chinese was so hard.

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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Chev said...

walao... what talk u?
i catch no ball
just as talking to alien :P

Mr. Goober said...

'chev', it's actually greek language if you went through those small links ;)

well this year, i'm learning chinese...starting...TOMRROW!

_butt said...

learning greek huh? jia you jia you!! :D

angeles said...

eh? so, izit chinese or greek u learning? why greek? O.o greek peanuts lead better life, izit? :P

Kopi Soh said...

Y peanut must learn different languages?

Mr. Goober said...

hahahaha, butt, angeles and kopisoh, i'm actually learning chinese. I'm only depicting how bad i'm at with it right they say, 'it all looks so greek to me!'.

actually, i know chinese, i just forgotten how to write them. So i'm attending classes to renew my skills :) new year resolution ma.

Chev said...

piak u for forgetting Chinese!
I thought u were from Chinese primary school? :P

Have fun learning the useful language once again and e a merry Chinese Peanut :)

Mr. Goober said...

eek, at least i took the initiative to go and learn again ;)

maybe i could then start blogging in chinese!