Friday, August 03, 2007

Harry Potter : 6 Fun ways to kill Voldemort

It really beats me why J.K Rowling had to come up with
so many dramatic ideas just to get Voldemort's ass whooped.

I'll pick the top 6 spells Harry should've used :

..yeah well but Voldemort didn't turn into a chicken did he?





1. And the easiest and most suitable spell : isn't that easier?!

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Chen said...

How come your Voldemort looks like condom geh? :P

angel said...

*scratches head after reading chen's comment*

U can draw very well ;)

And... hello! :)

_butt said...

hahahah!! LMAO!! at Chen's comment!!

the tarantulaegra whatever spell... if I'm not mistaken, that happens to Neville right? nice one!

happy weekend! :D

Mr. Goober said...

lol, chen!
what's it gonna do to the wearer, take over the world?! :P

hey angel! thanks, got nothing better to do :P

yohh butt! yeah..according to wikis that's what happened..happy weekend to ya too~

Swee Won said...

HAhahahHa YA WOR. Obliviate is indeed the easiest and most suitable spell instead of the Killing curse. It'd be funny to see an innocent Voldemort yelling "Wow! This is just like Magic!" *think Lockhart*

Pink Cotton said...

hey where did all the little birdies come from???

Mr. Goober said...

swee won, yaya..and it doesn't even resort to violence ;)

pinkcotton, where else?? his birdie ;P

aKho said...

just take his wand from him... :D

zeroimpact said...

Errr, I bet if you start a version with pictures like the other comics, sure your version will sell good

Mr. Goober said...

akho, Flipendo ?? lol :P i can't believe im playing around with these since i don't really like harry potter :P

zeroimpact, ahaha..thanks thanks, just drawing for fun nia. It usually takes an awful long time for me to take the pictures into pc without a scanner, and also the editings.

Winn said...

u went to queensland?

Mr. Goober said...

winn, aberdeen. :P

Firehorse said...

Peanut boy you never fail to make dis old kopi soh laugh :o)

Firehorse said...

Aiya i tot u kam bek liao :(

Mr. Goober said...

hey, firehorse!

hahaha, there were few times i ALMOST blogged but i guess i still need some whack in the face to wake me up.

btw, my comp spoiled, so i can't really blog properly (yerdeh). Hopefully i'll be able to assemble one soon before christmas though!