Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gas Crisis - The Origami Lesson

Oops! this post ended up longer than expected. You're saying....

1. Damn, another long one?! Just bring me to the point. Damn Damnit.


With the way fuel prices are going up, oh what're you going to do?!

You scratch your head, thinking hard for an answer, and you think about how hard you've been scratching your head........ hey this just isn't right!


You bring yourself back in time, memories of the past darting through your mind --

--the first person you saw
---your first laugh
---- your first attempt at breast milk bottle
----- your first walking moment
------ your first time running
-------- your 1000th attempt at older breast milk bottle ------------ *zip*

------------ your very FIRST TOY! The most important thing in life!


And it's costing you your life these days. Let's do a little recap :

With the way fuel prices are going up, oh what're you so going to do?!

Why you freaking make Origami Toys of course!

Why should you even bother??

Because some smart guy with the name of Christopher Beaumont have created extremely good DIY paper crafts. It's so good that you'll be convinced instantly thanks to the conversation I had with him earlier on :

Mr.Goober :Christopher Belmont, why these?

Christopher : "Simply print, cut and fold your model into a cute and fun paper toy."

Mr.Goober : don't really care if people mistook you as part of those game boy castlevania series huh, you Belmont family you?

Christopher : "Simply print, cut and fold your model into a cute and fun paper toy."

Mr.Goober : even have all those great characters from George Lucas, Marvel comics, Nintendo and *choke* Ultra mans?! What the?? You went into some geek school?

Christopher : .........

Christopher : "Simply print, cut and fold your --------- OOOOFFFFFfffff"

Wellllll...Chris is down for a while so let's take a look at some examples has to offer :

Including some of my favourites :

Sam and Max!

I've always wanted to cube Sam up, but this is too much :P

Indiana Jones - And the Kingdom of Boxed Skull

And hey theres' even Kirby!
And and and...

Mario and Resurrected Goomba!

Each characters come with their foldable layouts like this :
You just need to print 'em out and cut them silly.

Then with a little bit of patience..


And that was my first attempt
reducing the ever rising gas prices.

Next week, we'll see how we can save trees by not wasting papers.

Skipped and unsure what's going on?
choose again!

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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rainbow angeles said...

hey, there's a MyCity app in Facebook.. ;-)

Pink Cotton said...

i feel like jumping on it!...*toing*

zeroimpact said...

I'm totally blurrrrr

Mr. Goober said...

angeles ehhhhh...they the same thing?? i get so confused with facebook i stop myself from visiting it few months each time i see it :P

pinkcotton, yea they're cute ain't it?! but that poor thing's been jumped already.

it's okay zeroimpact, i expected readers to be blur about this post anyways ;)

Dav DiDi said...

(scratching head) ... i'm lost .. what does the connection between petrol and .. errrmmm ... the content ...

Mr. Goober said...

well dav, i actually got carried away when i blogged this post ;)

but basically, i'm just saying instead of forking out hard earned cash for toys, make one yourself through that cool website. That way, at least you won't feel as bad bout the 'then impending' gas crisis.