Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dragon Ball : Evolution Review

You know, with all the craze bout making movie adaptions of Marvel or DC comics, you'd think by now movie directors finally got the right guns to shoot a good movie. The rule is very simple - just follow the comics, make quick bucks and get themselves massaged in the spa looking at bodacious babes.

Here's a strip of comics on what 'Dragon Ball : Evolution' is all about after seeing the movie:

But noooo, director James Wong probably farted in his spa room just 2 minutes ago. By having completely revamped the story and slapping some totally unsuitable actors inside, this movie is a total let down for legions of loyal fans all over the world.

Everything just went wrong since the opening. The story changed. Timeline changed. Weird choice of actors. Bad dialogue. Anti climax. Yada. It felt as if the movie can't even elaborate itself well enough for those who never came across the comics, and yet if it expects comic readers to actually like it, why the total revamp? Beats my goober balls. *shrugs*

Infact, it's all about the race to find 7 dragon balls within an hour so Picolo could not take over the world. Reminds me very much of what The Day Before The Earth Stood Still movie, y'know the drill.. "we must hurry, we don't have much time left!" throughout the whole show.

This picture below probably sums up my review.

I wonder if he even read the comics? Akira Toriyama must be turning very picolo right now. Oh my!

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