Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goober's Two Thousand Nine

Ahem.. before I begin, Two Thousand Nine is translated briefly as (2009) in numerical form. That's equivalent to "er ling ling jiu" in mandarin and surprisingly - written as (MMIX) in Roman numeral. Whereas in latin, it can be further sung as a song for new year if you compare it with 2008.

It's almost been a tradition for me to go on hiatus after each post, but seriously this time I had a real reason for it. What exactly took me so long?

It's Simple

Of course, 2009 being a whole new year, surely bunch of things started to happen, right? Well :

1. Got myself the lovable and adorable Nokia 5800.

Which happens to really take photos for this blog now, and um...they really suck and need more editing than old sony ericsson phones.

2. I've got this cute little lantern that lights up but doesn't bark.

3. I bought back my old love in a whole new package. Comes even with, (drull rolls) Korean Manuals!

..and to think my old one only spoke Japanese. Mattaku, that baka was a pain in the ass!

4. I freakin' just broke my chair leg .

on this very chair I'm sitting on blogging right now.

5. And finally, a whole new chapter of life will begin very soon as I'll be moving on to another place.

NOPE...not another new blog! *But* to a land where an abundant flow of Free Wifi will be provided ---

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

8 buzzes!:

Anonymous said...

Mr Goober you're in Penang??

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Mr. Goober said...

yeap yeap yeap gonna be :D

kyh said...

wow coming to penang??? :D

welcome back! btw, i hv a new blog at ;)

happy cny ahead!

rainbow angeles said...

WOW WOWIE!!! I "heard" that you'll be coming/going to Pg hehee :P when when??

AND, u got that 5800!!! strike nombor ahh?? haha... how much did u get it? and howsit so far??? review review!! do review in FB!!! :P

all the best to you in 2009! ;-)

Mr. Goober said...

yes yes :P i found a job in penang so gonna be living there!!

and yes yes :P 5800 review?? good idea!!

kyh said...

where r u staying??? wooohooo we're now temporary islanders! :P

Mr. Goober said...

what?? you also in penang??

Redsponge said...

kekekeek....U broke the chair leg! 'x'

I think that is funny!