Monday, July 28, 2008

New Blog Again?!

...and it's true!

I got really tired of blogging super long posts and one day it Just Snapped !

"Why not start a blog that's short and easy?!"

and then it happened;

It's a blog that's meant to be fun, short and fast, daily dose of updates :)

Be sure to check it out!

p/s: I won't totally abandon this blog though, I hope!

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Indiana Jones Review

SOOO I was dragged off to another one of those boring shopping malls recently; with my half opened ho-hum mouth and the look of a very unamused face in that very dull moment of my life that I had to actually PUT.......... step at a time, walking up till I reached the escalator mumbling to myself in shivers that sounded -- " Aaaaggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainnnnnn..."

It was so bad my "Nnnn" could still be heard as I reached the top of the escalator.

As I sweeped my legs slowly like a brainsick zombie, the clouds thundered and gave a loud ROAR in the dark in AWE -- children ran every way and the trees shook like never before;
It was a moment of darkness that threw everyone in fear, for this very day marks the very beginning of death itself that has dawned upon us!!!!!

... I continued to walk slowly looking for clothes....err...which isn't even mine.

THEN a thin light glittered out of no where, so bright, so might, I wish I had and I wish I might that it instantly caught my eyes!



(Indy Song)


You know, I've always wanted his Ford.

I used to have these crazy dreams about driving all alone in one-BIG-SUV, with its spanking 131 inches wheel base and 20.1/20.9 departure angles and its unforgettably cool 8.7 minimum running ground clearance.....except that I never understood what those were.

..and THAT's why I bought a toy instead.

Yeap. I love Ford, so I'm a matured man. I bought Harrison Ford's figurine to represent my love for Ford vehicles. I mean it. It wasn't out of pure childishness surely. Oh You know how hard men are to's okay...don't worry..I didn't even doubt your thoughts. Move along now.


I was so surprised seeing Hasbro actually making these for the entire saga of Indiana Jones! Star Wars were great, but.. I never bothered because well....those toys are for kids, whereas my friends, my fellow goobery friends....

Indiana Jones, harkens back to the very early 80's where young Harrison Ford charmed thousands of women with his smart sense of humour and looks, glued even the male audiences with his full action packed stunts, filled with crazy Nazis all over the place chasing believable treasures. It was too good, in fact so good, I got conceived a year after the 1st episode. I think.

So with the box now apart, let's see what's inside :

- the cool infamous whippy whippidy whip.
- *zoiks* scary interchangeable hands.
- 1 x toy gun.
- heck even his cap can be taken off, how cool is that??
- finally....a *secret* ingredient.

The first thing that got unto me was, "DOES THE SKULL WORK?"

Let's try.



.............................................. .. .......... ...

guess not!

Just for the record, that damned skull didn't even glow in the dark. DANG it Hasbro, I'll see you in court very soon.

tribunal case aside -- they came up with the whole saga of the Indiana Jones trilogy models, not just these :

I saw Marion from the Raiders of the Lost Ark, even younger version of Indy himself heck. And even the German mechanic was there. Heck. And some Nazis that I couldn't remember. Hiccup.

Oh yeah and you wanted to know what was inside the box of Secrets right?


It certainly doesn't look like an eye!

For the record, that damned eye of peacock didn't even glow in the dark too.

Dang Hasbro, that's it. I'm sending an elite over to kick your ass---

.......never mind.

"The peanut that yaks." - Mr.Goober

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