Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Room 205 - The Revelation

Oh my, we finally have a room for less than RM60 per night. Splendid.
Time to unpack, have a seat, and start talking romantic.

une beauté, sight to behold;
with rows of wonderfully lit atmosphere and tip top shaped furnitures.
And no, you don't sleep on those chairs thank you.

Now what's a nice room without the servings? Let's take a look at what;

..has to offer. Cool menu no? ich liebe dieses Menü!

Scrumptious ala Chicken Cutlet with no-bones meat and fries, served with amazing fruit salad, and a home-made tar-tar sauce.


You've got to be kidding me. IT didn't taste too good! Those poor chickens must've been choked with bread crumbs before they knew their fate would be revealed in a microwave! Uh, bad taste on the skins, and fruits proved to be not too fresh for my liking. I'd give it a 75%.

Ah, classics - de Chicken Terraki is without doubt well presented. Chickens filled terraki sauce, pilled on top of mash potatos with fried mushrooms bloomed like peacocks around it.

Unforetunately that's about all it can offer. Aside from a usual terraki sauce and plain 'ol mashed potatoes, these mushrooms are deadly; You will gain the knowledge of "beauty is but only skin deep" instantly!

Oysters on ice??

It's not everyday you get to chew on these babies! (unless you don't mind getting hepatitis)

Freshly taken out from..must've been the aquarium! My goober senses tells me it had a funny fish-tank smell as you chew on it. I wonder if they've farted? ..Nah.

Recommended? You don't get much of these over here! Just remember to bring those breath mints you've been putting on your racks for months.

Burp. Ok I'm done. Now, where are all those cool luxurious beds with dimmed lights and free shower soaps?

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

2 buzzes!:

Chen said...

All these food looks very familiar, cos I saw them in "someone's" birthday post :D

We won't get Hepatitis B from consuming raw oysters. This is a common misconception. Eating partially cooked or raw shellfish is related with Hepatitis A infection, NOT Hepatitis B. Hepatitis B doesn't transmit via faecal oral route :)

Mr. Goober said...

lol!~! so you did, shhhh...

and thanks for the advice, they are quite a number of people who assumed so. :)