Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a new blockbuster hero is born?

Yeap, we've got bunch of super heroes out there. Often you see them flying, ocassionally they jump, and obviously most could just plain beat-the-crap-out-of-anybody.

We just can't miss these ├╝ber boys like;


The blue clothed man with a cloak
who never knew how to wear his undergarments properly -
way back from the late 30's.


The spider without 6 legs, scientifically disclassified
as an insect - Swinging into
the friendly neighbourhood near you.


The japanese martian who loves
working behind a magnifying glass -
With godzilla themed soft toys.

And just when you thought there are enough of these cool guys in the list,
wait till you see this one.


One and Only


Known also as the "Lizard" Man, it was a crazy suprise that made my goober pod almost cracked instantly!

Infact, they actually cracked right after reading The Star and visiting CicakMan.com.

Sure looked like he just ripped off someone's burnt leather seats and got modelled right after the cockroaches. Well, I'm sure they'll find him to be a pleasant companion.

And hey, even this one looks better.

With that, and a pat on the pod;
"Hey, it's just me!" - Mr. Goober

8 buzzes!:

Anonymous said...


good one..never realised that spiderman is scientifically not a spider..kekeke...

mebe he shud b the-not-so-spider man

crappy ^_^ dude said...

Well, it's a typical malaysian copycat culture.

Cicak man look like a straight rip from DareDevil.

Unfortunately saiful apek is only as handsome as Ben Affleck "kah moh".

Mr. Goober said...

oh well. That's why we have rare spiders these days.

And yes, more like DareDevil on a diet!

Anonymous said...

woah, u never saw more JIAT LAT Edited superman?



Anonymous said...

CicakMan should be named JialatMan instead :D

Anonymous said...

where is my favourite power Ranger?!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare u forgot about them

Mr. Goober said...


now don't get me started about ultraman-rip-off a.k.a Power Rangers! (also loves to work behind those manifying glasses) *pat pod* lol.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA bappy like power rangers meh???

i hope the 'newcomer' is a boy lor..then can play power rangers with u...AHAHAHAAH